The CPDWL section collaborates with the IFLA New Professionals SIG (NPSIG) and the American Library Association (ALA) to run a series of free webinars. 

The recordings of the webinars are made available shortly after each event.


04-May—Micro-credentials in Libraries: Open Badges as Knowledge Keys for Patrons and Librarians

May 4 (Thursday), 11:00 CEST

This event will focus on the general open badges principles, applications in professional or higher education contexts; then some use cases and experiences feedback from open badges or micro-credentials in library context will be discussed.


  • Doug Belshaw (UK)
  • Perrine de Coëtlogon (France)
  • Jennifer Wright (USA) (Excused)
  • Sirje Virkus (Estonia)
  • Emily Rimland, Wendy Pothier & Michael Guiterrez (USA)


  • François-Xavier Boffy (France)

Come and join us to explore these skills recognition processes, interesting for our patrons as well as for our library colleagues!


25-October—Fighting back the Infodemic: CPD opportunities and initiatives for LIS professionals

October 25 (Tuesday), 11:00 CET

What is infodemic? How is the library profession responding to the infodemic? How does this affect their professional development? What new demands and needs have arisen from the information disorder?

In this webinar you will learn more about infodemic as a concept and how we went from fake news to infodemic in the last five years; about training initiatives at the World Health Organization (WHO) and the ASEAN-USAID PROSPECT in Jakarta, Indonesia. You will also hear the clarion call on the role of the librarian in advocacy and skills needed to fight infodemic and infobesity.


  • Tina Purnat
  • Sara Lehman
  • Joseph M. Yap


  • Matilde Fontanin
  • Rajendra Munoo

6-June—Library Advocacy for the Win: Interview with library champion Congressman Andy Levin

June 6 (Monday), 16:00 CET

Libraries the world over make their communities strong, but they could do so much more with support from their elected leaders. United States Representative Andy Levin from Michigan has turned his support for libraries in his district into a national priority. The Congressman worked with library advocates to successfully secure hundreds of millions for U.S. libraries during the pandemic and beyond.

Join IFLA CPDWL and IFLA NPSIG for a conversation with Rep. Levin to learn what it takes to make the case for library investment with your political leaders to advance literacy and expand library services. Loida Garcia-Febo, webinar coordinator, IFLA CPDWL advisory member, and ALA Past President will interview Rep. Levin.

This event is pre-recorded and experts on library advocacy from the ALA Public Policy Office will be providing information and answering questions on a live chat accompanying the presentation of the interview.

This webinar is co-organized by IFLA Continuing Professional Development and Workforce Learning (CPDWL) Section and New Professionals Special Interest Group (NPSIG).

4-April—Wellness for Librarians: resources and examples

April 4 (Monday), 15:00 CET

Since March 2020 librarians, along with the entire world, have been experiencing acute levels of stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic. Recently, stressors related to civil conflict have exacerbated panic levels. How can we help our exhausted library workers serving exhausted library patrons? Which resources can help library workers with burnout and anxiety? There are no magical solutions, but by working together over time we can build networks to support each other.

This webinar is co-organized by IFLA Continuing Professional Development and Workforce Learning (CPDWL) Section and New Professionals Special Interest Group (NPSIG).


  • Loida Garcia-Febo & moderator
  • Bobbie Newman
  • Hella Klauser
  • Ulrike Lang
  • Magdalena Gomułka
  • Catharina Isberg
  • Dr Sadie-Jane Huff
  • Samantha Seah, Singapore


13-October—Curious, confident and committed: transforming libraries into learning organisations

October 13 (Wednesday), 10:00 CET

The presentation will discuss ways leaders and managers can use to foster a culture of learning in their library. Using examples from university libraries in Australia, I will present strategies that encourage staff and teams to engage in learning as part of their everyday work.

This webinar is co-organized by IFLA’s Continuing Professional Development and Workforce Learning (CPDWL) and New Professionals Special Interest Group (NPSIG).


  • Rajen Munoo, Head, Learning and Engagement, Singapore Management University Libraries
  • Dr Gillian Hallam, freelance information professional based in Brisbane, Australia


Clare Thorpe is an award-winning library leader and practitioner-researcher who has worked in academic and state libraries since 2001. Clare is the Director, Library Services at Southern Cross University and a Director of the Australian Library and Information Association Board. She is passionate about engaging library and information workers in professional development and has a track record of fostering a culture of learning in the teams that she leads.

Programme Outline

Three learning outcomes

By the end of the session, the participants will be able to:

  • Describe the library as a learning organisation
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the IFLA Guidelines for CPD in the workplace
  • Identify professional development opportunities in a digitalised workplace

26-April—Libraries changing the world: educating and promoting understanding for climate action

April 26 at 11 am ET / 19:00 CET

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 13 “Climate Action” is a call for immediate action by all to lower greenhouse emissions, build resilience and improve education on climate change. Affordable, scalable solutions such as renewable energy, clean technologies are available to enable countries to leapfrog to a greener, more resilient economies.

Libraries have a key role to play to build a more sustainable world. Many libraries are facing crises related to climate change: snow, floods, smoke from fires in the mountains near the community, mold, hurricanes- and many communities they serve are experiencing these crises as well. 

As set out in IFLA’s paper on libraries and sustainability, two key roles of libraries are as examples and educators, building an understanding of the issues among citizens, and helping them to learn how to change their own behavior.

Join our event to hear from librarians in different regions of the world who are helping communities. Speakers come from the United Nations, IFLA’s Environment, Sustainability and Libraries Section (ENSULIB), and the American Library Association’s Sustainability Round Table. 

Moderated by Loida Garcia-Febo, CPDWL Consultant, International Library Consultant


  • Sherri Aldis
    Chief, United Nations Publications (Outreach Division, Department of Global Communications) [slides]
  • Harri Sahavirta
    Chief Librarian Helsinki City Library, Arabianranta and Vallila libraries, Finland [slides]
  • Casey Conlin
    Library Sustainability Coordinator, Mid-Hudson Library System, New York, United States [slides]

9-February—Knowledge Café with CPDWL/KM Sections

CPDWL and the Knowledge Management sections invite you to participate in this professional event and to choose the time slot works for you. We have compiled the list of table topics for our Knowledge Café.

  1. Change management techniques for staff
  2. Upgrade your brain! Top 10 essential competencies for modern info pros
  3. Finding the motivation for our own professional development
  4. Working with diverse generational staff: Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers
  5. Designing user-centric services and programs

12-January—Open Access and libraries: Lessons from COVID-19 and our path towards the future

January 12, 2021 at 10:00 AM New York / 4:00 PM Germany 

IFLA has affirmed that comprehensive open access to scholarly literature and research documentation is vital to the understanding of our world and to the identification of solutions to global challenges and particularly the reduction of information inequality. Coalition S which is hosted by the European Science Foundation, has stated that full and immediate Open Access to research results can provide fast answers to protect lives and curb disasters. It is time to make full use of that potential for other global crises that are threatening us. UNESCO is promoting and supporting the online availability of scholarly information to everyone, free of most licensing and copyright barriers—for the benefit of global knowledge flow, innovation and socio-economic development.  Join us for an event with library leaders and learn about how they are managing Open Access efforts in the midst of COVID-19 to move forward research and access to information free of barriers during these times when libraries are deeply impacted by the pandemic. Speakers come from MIT, SPARC, Open-Access- Büro Berlin, and IFLA.

Moderator: Loida Garcia-Febo, CPDWL Consultant, International Library Consultant


  • Chris Bourg, Director, MIT Libraries
  • Stephen Wyber, IFLA Manager, Policy and Advocacy 
  • Agnieszka Zofia, Open-Access-Büro Berlin, Open-Access-Referentin im Projekt
  • Nick Shockey, Director of Programs & Engagement, SPARC


14 December—Librarians Supporting Universal Broadband to Continue Providing Essential Service to Communities Everywhere

Date/Time: December 14 at 10am ET, 4pm Sweden, 8:30 pm India time

IFLA has championed the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for a long time. The Internet Governance Forum has called attention to the Internet as a vehicle for human resilience and solidarity. They have stated that inclusion achieved by access to the Internet is a key contributor towards a stronger economy and enhanced economic development through shared wealth, shared employment, and equal opportunity for all, and is an enabler towards the fulfillment of the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. UNESCO has indicated that broadband is “the missing link” in global access to education. COVID-19 propelled a massive shift to digital which made evident the reality of inequality of access to the Internet which also plays into the mission and operation of libraries. As per the ALA, broadband in libraries is needed by patrons to access devices, collections and information, and a myriad of services. It is also used by librarians to create and develop content accessed by patrons and provide access to transformative resources to better the education and lifelong learning of communities deeply impacted by COVID-19 in all regions of the world. Join us and hear from library leaders from IFLA, UNESCO MIL,and libraries in different regions share considerations on how to move forward towards this urgent goal.

Moderated by Loida Garcia-FeboCPDWL Consultant, International Library Consultant


  • Dr. Jesus Lau, Co-Chair UNESCO Global Alliance for Partnerships on Media and Information Literacy (GAPMIL)
  • Catharina Isberg, Library Director Helsingborg City Libraries, IFLA Governing Board Member
  • Sanjay Kumar Bihani, Library and Information Officer, Ministry of External Affairs, Patiala House Annexe, Tilak Marg, New Delhi, India and IFLA Governing Board Member

19 November—Going from disaster to wonder – Managing successful teams

Thursday, November 19, 9:00 a.m. CST | 10:00 a.m. EST

This webinar, in collaboration with IFLA’s Management and Marketing Section (M&M) and the American Library Association (ALA), will focus on how to create and keep successful teams, covering issues such as dealing with conflicts, managing staff you haven’t inherited, helping the teams work toward a goal, etc.


  • Dr Dilara Begum
    Associate Professor and Chairperson, Department of Information Studies, East West University, Bangladesh
  • Harish Maringanti
    Associate Dean for IT & Digital Library Services, Marriott Library, University of Utah (USA)
  • Moon Kim
    Acquisitions Librarian, Ohio State University, USA (tentative) 
  • Anya Feltreuter
    Library Director, Mjölby Public Library, Sweden


  • Mary Ellen Davis, consultant, US
  • Catharina Isberg, Library Director, Helsingborg City Libraries, Sweden.

14 July—Mindfulness to manage workplace stress and microaggressions

Navigating workplace stress and microaggressions—verbal and non-verbal messages that are invalidating or demeaning—can be difficult in any profession, but is especially challenging in service-oriented professions like librarianship.  In addition to identifying and naming stressors and microaggressions, various tools can be employed to mitigate the negative effects of these encounters. This session will provide attendees with a framework—mindfulness—that can be used to help process the often-fraught interactions that may take place in our libraries.
See here for more information.

26 February—Developing a successful poster presentation 

Time: 06:00 PT / 08:00 CT (Chicago)  / 09:00 EDT (New York)  / 15:00 CET (Amsterdam)  / 16:00 EET (Helsinki)  / 22:00 Kuala Lumpur /  00:00 AEST (+1 day) (Brisbane)


  • Edward Junhao Lim, New York University, Shanghai, China: Designing Butter Posters at Library Conferences
    Edward will share about the philosophy behind Derek Crowe’s Designing Butter Posters, the logistics behind poster presentations, and how we can make the most out of any awkward poster presentation at your next library conference. 
  • Bruce Herbert, Texas A & M  University Texas, USA: “How I learned to love giving posters – developing a successful poster session”
  • Juliana Es M. Munawir, Mohamed Fadzli M. Fauzi, Selangor Public Library Corporation, Malaysia: “From textual description to graphical info” 

Writing is challenging. Imagine having to describe a 2-5 years project into 200 words. There’s so much to tell, so many experiences to share. If that’s not challenging enough for you, then how about transferring all those years of experiences into one poster that describes it all. We would like to share with you our process of visualisation for the poster. Imagine the poster as a world. A world that had only existed in words and imagination. However, instead of forcing our ideas and perspectives into people’s minds, we will substantiate and convey every detail through our poster. That is what forms the basis and perspective of Malaysian posters.


28 October—Digital tools that can change your librarian life

Librarians from Poland, Serbia and France presented digital tools which help improve our work and contact with readers. Speakers focused on free graphic programs, video and augmented reality apps and presented many possibilities of using them.

28 May—Enhancing your strengths through coaching

05:00 PT / 07:00 CT (Chicago) / 08:00 EDT (New York) / 14:00 CET (Amsterdam) / 15:00 EET (Helsinki) / 22:00 AEST (Brisbane) / Check the scheduled time in your location.

In this webinar, the role of coaching will be explored in order to highlight its value for developing library and information professionals for the future.

Image credit: Spotify Labs


  • Ewa Stenberg, Sweden


  • Catharina Isberg, Sweden – Coaching from a library perspective
  • Barbara Wennheden, Sweden – Theoretical reasons for a coaching approach
  • Bergita Shannon, Australia – Building relationships through coaching

This webinar was part of the IFLA CPDWL Coaching initiative in a collaboration between the CPDWL section and the IFLA Management & Marketing section.  

The CPDWL section collaborates with the IFLA New Professionals SIG (NPSIG) and the American Library Association (ALA) to run a series of free webinars. This was the second webinar in the 2019 series.

Biographies of the speakers:

  • Catharina Isberg is Library Director of Helsingborg Public Libraries since 2013. Previously she was Deputy Library Director and Library Manager of Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences 2003-2013. She started her library path at Ferring Pharmaceuticals in different management positions.

    Catharina has been active in IFLA since 2011 as information coordinator, co-chair and now secretary of the CPDWL section (Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning). In August 2019, Catharina will join the Management & Marketing section and also serve as Division Chair and as such become a member of the Governing Board of IFLA.

    In August 2018 CPDWL was the winner of the IFLA Dynamic Unit and Impact Award, which was accepted by Catharina. During the last year Catharina has taken the lead on the IFLA CPDWL Coaching initiative, which is done in collaboration with Management & Marketing and with support from the IFLA HQ and IFLA Professional Committee.

    On a national level Catharina is the convener of the Swedish IFLA network and has been part of coordinating the network of public library directors. In the past Catharina has been active in different national initiatives for example as Chair of the Expert Committee on Skills Management, Royal Library and as a board member of the Swedish Association for Information Specialists (SFIS).

  • Barbara Wennheden Founder and CEO iTURN AB

    Senior consultant running a Swedish company with 15 consultants in the field of Change Management, Business Development, Career Development and HR Interim Management. The coaching approach is fundamental in her interaction with customers and clients.

    Barbara is a strong believer in the correlation between employee motivation, job satisfaction and commitment on the one hand and healthy organizations, increased productivity and company success on the other hand. She therefore supports organizations strengthening their brand and increasing their competitiveness in the market by focusing on continuous hard work developing management and employee coaching culture.

    Barbara also believes in the interaction between managers and employees and on the individual’s own responsibility not only for their own assignment but also for the whole and the jointly formulated goals and strategies that will lead to the vision. It is about the managers’ willingness to let go of control, to involve, delegate responsibilities, power and mandate. It is also about the employees’ interest in getting involved, taking initiatives and participating. The coaching tool is exquisite and extremely successful in this matter, both for managers and employees.

    Barbara is an ICF PCC Coach, tutor and a facilitator and train both managers and employees who want to develop, grow and achieve personal and professional goals. They exist within all levels of the organization – in the private business sector, within the academy and in the public sector. She is a frequent trainer within Coaching Leadership and Coaching Employeeship.

    In addition, she is a proud member of the Chamber of Commerce’s 100-list created to increase the diversity and competence of the Swedish business community.

  • Bergita Shannon currently works as the Solutions Support Coordinator in Information Technology Services at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Brisbane, Australia. Bergita has a Master of Business Administration (Sunshine Coast University) and a Graduate Certificate in Academic Practice (QUT). She is recognised as a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA). Bergita’s passion for coaching started with her passion for teaching young adults. Prior to her work at QUT, Bergita taught Professional Practice for Multimedia Design students at University of Queensland and was involved in preparing 3rd year students for a successful career start. As manager for support staff, she utilises her coaching skills in her every day work and would like to extend her experience to all staff at QUT by being a member of the first accredited coaching panel of the university.

    Bergita’s goal is to gain international accreditation as a registered coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) in 2019. She completed two accredited coaching modules at QUT, Leader as Coach and Developing Leader as Coach in 2018. Bergita is currently registered for the third module Advanced Leader as Coach. Upon successful completion of this module, Bergita will be able to apply for accreditation under the ICF ACC standards.

9 April—The benefits of international exchange programmes

In this webinar, librarians from Canada, Germany and South Africa shared their experiences and discussed best practices in participating in international librarianship work. Canadian librarians discussed global employability opportunities, while librarians from Germany and South Africa reported on their experiences in international exchange programmes.

Ray Pun, USA


  • Ulrike Lang, Germany
  • Hella Klauser, Germany
  • Flippie van der Walt, South Africa
  • Dee Winn, Canada
  • Cate Carlyle, Canada

Visit the NPSIG blog for more details about our speakers.

10 January—Library services to teenagers in the digital age

The webinar explores the inspiring services from librarians serving communities and teens, including online content, podcasts, gaming, coding and much more! These are 21st century skills that will make an impact on teenagers’ careers and personal interests.

Moderator: Loida Garcia-Febo, CPDWL SC member, ALA President
Presenters: Sanna Huttunen, Sampo Matikainen, Meredith Levine & Sander Slegtenhorst

Biographies of the speakers

  • Sanna Huttunen, specialized librarian, Central Library Oodi, Helsinki City Library, Finland
    Sanna is the team leader of Central Library Oodi’s makerspace-team. Her responsibilities are developing the makerspace services together with other librarians but also with several partners from local companies, associations and schools. She has been working in library makerspaces for the past five years mainly concentrating on pedagogical workshops. Sanna has background in visual arts and she has graduated in fine arts.
  • Sampo Matikainen, media worker, Central Library Oodi, Helsinki City Library, Finland
    Sampo is one of the persons responsible for the makerspace equipment in Central Library Oodi but also in developing the makerspace services. Sampo’s background is in audiovisual communications including graphic design, video editing and music. He was one of key persons when starting Helsinki City Library’s (and also Finland’s) first library makerspace in 2013. Sampo has been working in and developing Helsinki City Library’s makerspaces since 2013.
  • Sander Slegtenhorst is the Cultural Programme Maker at the Rotterdam Library and develops activities for adults and teenagers. After his study of Leisure Management, he recieved his Master of Media & Journalism Studies at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. During his study he started his own event company and worked for several major festivals in Rotterdam and Dordrecht. In the Rotterdam Central Library he is responsible for the Library Theatre programme and co-creates with teenager communties and partners on- and offline content.
  • Meredith Levine is the Head of Youth Services at the Chattanooga Public Library in Chattanooga, TN. Meredith leads an incredible youth services team that provides engaging and inviting programming for youth ages 8-18. Meredith also manages the 4th floor makerspace and has helped develop the space to be more inclusive. In addition Meredith also manages The Studio at the Chattanooga Public Library, which offers patrons access to a state of the art recording facility to work on projects and perfect their skills in the recording arts. Meredith previously worked as the Director of Family Engagement at the Fayetteville Free Library in Fayetteville, NY and has her MLIS from Syracuse University.


September—Can new librarians have a voice? Training & professional development vs workplace reality

Presenters: Christine Mackenzie, Catharina Isberg, Elham Sayyad-Abdi & Antoine Torrens

April—Can the library do everything? The changing role of librarians and the library as a space of social inclusion

Presenters: Kelly McElroy, Magali Sanchez & Mei-Mei Wu


July—Design thinking: The role of library staff in participatory design

Presenters: Rolf Hapel, Steven J. Bell & Sara Chiessi. Moderator: Matilde Fontanin

March—Sharing economy and libraries 

Presenters: Loida Garcia-Febo & George Needham. Moderator: Vesna Vuksan


October—Utilizing partnerships to expand professional development opportunities worldwide

Presenters: Sandra Hirsh, Susan Schnuer, Svetlana Gorokhova, Alyson Dalby & Magdalena Krasowska-Igras. Moderator: Matilde Fontanin

July—Information literacy in my career

Presenters: Sheila Webber, Pamlea McKinney, Liam Bullingham & Emily Wheeler

June—Big Data: new roles and opportunities for new librarians

Presenters: Glòria Pérez-Salmerón, Martin Hilbert, Michelle Chen & Wouter Klapwijk

March—Library services to immigrants and refugees


December—Libraries, advocacy and the implementation of the 2030 Agenda

Presenters: Fiona Bradley & Niclas Lindberg. Moderator: Loida Garcia-Febo

Further details

October—The role of competencies in librarians’ Continuing Professional Development

Presenters: Anna Maria Tammaro, Simon Edwards, Judy Brooker & Matilde Fontanin

July—Exploring the PhD option

Presenters: Fiona Jardine, Sandy Littletree & K.R. Roberto

April—Making the leap to library leadership

Presenters: Eva Dahlbäck & Kimberley Sweetman


October—Information as a human right

Presenters: Bridgette Hendrix, Matthew Vanderwerff & Ellie Valentine

July—New librarians’ global connections: Best practices, models and recommendations

Speakers: Jan Holmquist, Aaron Tay & Jonathon Hernández

April—New librarians’ global connections: Best practices, models and recommendations

Presenters: Hugh Rundle & Celia Emmelhainz

No recording available

January—New librarians’ global connections: Best practices, models and recommendations

Presenters: Donna Scheeder, Ellen Broad, Jaap van de Geer & Loida Garcia-Febo