Instructions for libraries sending requests

  1. Where possible, forms should be typed: otherwise use ball-point pen.
    Ensure that all 4 copies are legible.
  2. If you wish to assign a reference number to your requests, use
    the box marked ‘Request Ref. No’ in the top right hand corner.
  3. Fill in the bibliographic details of the required item, giving
    all the information you have and quoting your source of reference in full.
  4. If a loan, photocopy or microfilm is specifically required, mark
    the appropriate box. Enter the date by which the item is needed and any
    cost limit in the appropriate box.
  5. A responsible officer within the requesting library must sign
    the copyright statement (bottom right), so that photocopies supplied
    instead of loans conform to international regulations.
  6. Fill in your address in the box provided (top left) and supply
    a self addressed sticky label for the library to which the item is
    to be sent. This may differ from that on the form. If, for example,
    you are a national co-ordinating centre and the requested item is
    to be sent direct to the requesting library, the address to which
    the requested item is to be sent should be on the label and that for
    any correspondence on the form.
  7. Bend the stub of the forms and tear it off to separate the copies.
    Retain the yellow copy A as your own record of the request. Send
    copies B, C and D to the library of your choice.

NOTE: Loans received in response to the requests should be returned
by the fastest postal service available.

Instructions for libraries receiving requests

You should receive copies B, C and D of the form. Working space
is provided on the back of copy D and this can be used as your file copy.
Copy C can be used at the shelf as a loan record and discarded
after the item is returned.

If you can satisfy the request

  1. Enter your address in the box marked "Lending library’s address" and
    the return date of a loan in the "Lent until" box. Mark the "Use in
    library only" box if the loan is to be used for reference only.
    Enclose copy B with the requested item and despatch using the
    label supplied by the requesting library. If none is supplied,
    the address will have to written or typed on the envelope or parcel.
  2. Include notification of any charges for the supply of loans or
    photocopies which you wish to make.
  3. Retain copy D as your record of the return date of a loan copy.

If there will be a delay in satisfying the request

If the delay is likely to exceed three weeks (e.g. the requested item
is on a waiting list), either send the request immediately to the next
location on the rota (on the back of copy D) or, if there are no more
locations, complete the "not immediately available" box and return
copies B and C to the requesting library. You may wish to retain
copy D in your records.

If you cannot satisfy the request

  1. A rota may be drawn up by a national or union catalogue centre,
    or libraries that are unable to satisfy the request may suggest
    possible locations. Minimise delay by listing only positive
    union catalogue locations or, failing this, by limiting speculative
    locations to the most likely ones only.
  2. If there are no further locations listed on the rota (on the back
    of copy D), fill in the report responses on the back of copy D
    and send the request to the next location.
  3. If you are the only, or last, location, complete the final report
    stating the reason for non-supply and return copies B and C to the
    requesting library. You may wish to retain copy D in your records.