RSCVD Initiative

The RSCVD initiative was designed by members of the IFLA Document Delivery Resource Sharing (DDRS) Standing Committee during the pandemic with the aim of supporting libraries unable to access collections due to lockdown.

With the help of committee members, librarian volunteers worldwide, and technical help from the Open Access Button team, the committee created a simple way for libraries worldwide to request materials from other libraries on behalf of their users. This initiative was entitled “Resource Sharing in the Time of COVID-19 (RSCVD),” and libraries worldwide were encouraged to use the service.

In November 2023, the meaning of the RSCVD acronym has been re-thought and updated in “Resource Sharing Collaborative and Voluntary Document Delivery”. Will move forward with the aim of continuing its mission of providing high quality resource sharing around the world to help librarians ensure universal and equitable access to information.

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