Action 1.1 Awareness-raising around the SDGs

Preparing a template to request information about the actions of LAC libraries regarding the SDGs. Subsequently, the information shall be requested from members of the committee and associations in the LAC region. Different examples of the region will be collected and channeled to IFLA Headquarters in order to update the web page.

Action 2.1 Coordination with different IFLA groups

Creating mutual cooperation among different IFLA groups by identifying shared action lines between Regional Divisions and other Sections. It is also intended to measure the impact on the work between IFLA’s LAC RDC and IFLA HQ through the dissemination of actions and the publication of a guide with impact indicators. Regional Divisions and Sections are key actors to achieve the goals of Action 2.1.

Action 2.2 Alignment with international organizations connected with IFLA work on related issues

Identifying international agencies, such as UNESCO, WIPO, ECLAC and other organizations with issues related to the Latin America and the Caribbean region, and then finding ways to join forces and define joint actions. Moreover, IFLA’s LAC RDC plans to encourage activities among IFLA Regional Divisions to achieve a global advocacy commitment.

Action 2.3 Promoting advocacy in associations by offering training courses

Carrying out direct talks with regional library associations to encourage and plan joint actions. To this effect, an advocacy workshop and meetings of leaders will be held. Subsequently, the outputs will be collected through regional reports with a list of best practices. The actors involved: IFLA LAC Regional Division Committee, IFLA HQ and associations.

Action 3.1 Regional legislation regarding libraries or related issues

Collecting legislation regarding libraries or related issues of the Latin America and the Caribbean region and making the information available for consultation.

Action 4.1: Report on members and non-members of the region

Evaluating the membership of regional associations and libraries of IFLA, in order to identify the reasons for non-membership and to propose strategies to attract new members and affiliates to IFLA.

Action 5 Boosting IFLA Library Map of the World

Updating already published data on libraries and their services, and increasing the number of LAC countries included in the LMW. This is intended to be done via the following activities: review and update the presence of LAC in the LMW; capacity building to update the LMW through training to learn about the updating process; establish an updating strategy of the LMW, launch an awareness-raising campaign and define the methodology of the updating campaign; contribute to the updating of the LMW through the launch of the campaign and the monitoring of the updating process.

Action 6.1: IFLA LAC RDC Collection in INFOBILA Repository

Compiling and sharing IFLA LAC Regional Division Committee documents. This action is intended to take place through describing the metadata of the LAC Regional Division Committee collected documents as part of the repository of IIBI INFOBILA to increase dissemination across the region.

Action 6.2 Professional Internships for LAC Region

Implementing a programme of onsite training courses so that librarians of the region can exchange sound professional practices. To that end, library associations of the LAC region shall be identified in order to foster communication and create an internship centre with those countries wishing to participate.