Theme: Libraries supporting curriculum

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This newsletter highlights the importance of the school librarian, especially through collaborations with teachers. 

An article from Croatia shows how curriculum can be enriched through collaboration. By using Guided Inquiry Design to shape a research project at a school in Duga Resa, Croatia, students gained a deeper understanding of a topic, while developing their critical literacy skills. A Dutch article uses data for advocacy through the Library at School Project. Bouleanu's piece from Romania is about creating a life-long love for reading, starting with the school library. 

Stella Thebridge and her colleagues describe the role of the Schools’ Library Service (SLS) in the UK. The SLS lends a wide variety of resources in bulk to individual schools. Support is offered for all aspects of the curriculum and the SLS staff keep up to date with changes to the national curriculum and other curriculum models. The SLS services do not replace a school’s own library service, and in a time of financial constraints the UK SLS model provides schools with an opportunity to support reading, reading and learning in the classroom and school library. 

Razina Akhter writes about the Story Time: Grow with Books project in Bangladesh. This bilingual reading program in Bangla and English is run by the Bangladesh Shishu (Children) Academy in collaboration with the British Council. Primary and secondary school students are encouraged to enjoy reading from bilingual book collections and certificates and prizes are offered.  The program began in 2017 and finished June 2018 having engaged around 10,000 participants from all over the country. 

The Children's Library at Belgrade City Library has been transformed  into a creative classroom and a place for creative work and lifelong learning. This is facilitated by Jasna Brkic and colleagues in the public library who collaborate with school librarians to offer a range of programs that link to the school curriculum. This article discusses some of the activities on offer which include interactive craft workshops, International Mother Language Day and makerspace projects.  

Carolynn Rankin & Marianne Martens
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Theme: Libraries supporting curriculum

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