WLIC 2014 Satellite Meeting

13-14 August 2014, Geneva, Switzerland

Missing Links: The digital news preservation
Frederick Zarndt, Dorothy Carner & Edward McCain [slides]

A New Template for the Preservation of Electronic News
Bernard F. Reilly [slides]

Corpus Protocols: digital transformations of commercial newspaper collections for text and data mining to support academic research
Neil Smyth & Stella Wisdom [slides]

Collaboration is Key. The importance of collaboration and partnership in digitization projects
Yves Maurer & Claus Gravenhorst [slides]

Transforming and opening up Swiss newspapers to the world: successful partnerships for rights management and funding digitization at the Swiss National Library
Florian Steffen & Geneviève Clavel [slides]

Improving the quality of a bilingual historical news collection using statistical machine learning methods
Timo Honkela, Kimmo Kettunen, Krister Linden, Pekka Kauppinen, Tuula Pääkkönen & Jukka Kervinen [slides]

Next steps in newspaper digitization: making use of digitized texts at NLL
Arturs Zogla [slides]

News Alike – Text analytics to link related NewspaperSG articles
Siang Hock Kia, Chee Kiam Lim, Chinnasamy Balakumar, Cally Law & Peter Pak [slides]

Collecting bits and pieces – the development of methods for handling e-legal deposit of on-line news material at the National Library of Sweden
Pär Nilsson [slides]

Cultural heritage reconstructed – Compact Memory and the Frankfurt Digital Judaica Collection
Rachel Heuberger [slides]

Learning from the past and looking to the future: the necessity of re-evaluating digitization practices and procedures
Brie Grey-Noble [slides]

What, No Backups? Preserving Hardcopies in the Digital Age
Randy Silverman [slides 

Newspapers as Research Source: Information Needs and Information Seeking of Humanities Scholars
Darko Lacović, Sanjica Faletar Tanackovic & Maja Krtalić [slides]

Newsgames – an underestimated emerging genre
Anna Wiehl [slides]

Preserving the Spirit of the Epoch: Digital Conversion of Nordic Music Magazines
Amalie Ørum Hansen, Sergey Borovoy & Anna Shiryaeva [slides]

PDF Converter Production of Historical Newspaper Digitization: the picture experience of China's Da Cheng Lao Jiu Database
Xiaowen Ding [slides]

Automatic analysis of international newspapers, periodicals and press dossiers –  A case study from Germany
Juergen Warmbrunn & Rolf Rasche [slides] 

Implementing the Catholic Newspapers Program: Collaborative Digitization and  Discovery within a Non-profit, Distributed, Online Organization
Patricia Lawton & Alexandra Budz [slides]

Making Historic Newspapers Available Online: Why, Where and How
Hans-Jörg Lieder [slides]

Large scale refinement of digital historical newspapers with named entities recognition
Clemens Neudecker, Willem Jan Faber, Lotte Wilms & Theo van Veen [slides]

Structural metadata – a Key for Indexing Digitized Newspapers
Günter Mühlberger

Historical newspapers content as a base for scientific research – Europeana Newspapers Project
Nataša Dakić & Aleksandra Trtovac [slides]

Start spreading the digitized news. A journey in social media usage for outreach in a cooperative digitization project
Erenst Anip [slides]

Newspapers in the Digital Age: A Case Study in How Patrons Read the News
Alyssa Pacy [slides]