The Code of Conduct for Volunteers Working Group will be developing a draft Code of Conduct for IFLA Volunteers that provides guidance on the standards of behavior appropriate for volunteers within the context of the approved Statues and Rules of Procedure, and Core Values of IFLA. The group has been asked to develop this code to present to the IFLA Governing Board for approval with the expectation it will be implemented in 2025. 

The working group is made up of representatives across IFLA’s Board, Divisions, Sections, Committees, Councils and interest groups. Additionally, all representatives have experience crafting and implementing similar policies or codes with other organizations.  

  • Te Paea Paringatai (Chair) – Representative from the Governing Board
  • Ertuğrul Çimen (Deputy Chair) – Representative from the Regional Council
  • Edmund Balnaves – Representative from the Professional Council
  • Irina Trushina – Representative from Management of Library Associations Section (MLAS)
  • Priscilla Pun – Representative from ENSULIB (recipient of DUIA 2022)
  • Evviva Weinraub Lajoie – Representative from Sections
  • Andrew Cox – Representative from Special Interest Groups
  • Maia Simonishivili – Representative from Regional Divisions
  • Peng Xiao – Representative from Advisory Committees


We plan to provide regular, public updates of the progress of our work, and will be reaching out to the membership in for feedback on the proposed code before it goes up to the IFLA Governing Board for approval in December.

Watch this space!