Workshop materials: Implementing the IFLA School Library Guidelines (2018)

The IASL / IFLA Joint Committee has developed a set of workshop materials based on the IFLA School Library Guidelines, 2nd edition. This project is realised under the supervision and with the collaboration of (previous) members of the IASL / IFLA Joint Committee.

Workshop materials consists of an Introduction and six Modules. The material can be used freely and adapted to meet local needs.

BSLA Learning Materials for Workshop (2016)

Material for the BSLA Learning Materials for Workshop is now available at: Module 5a: School Libraries on the agenda

This sub-module is a part of the IFLA Building Strong Libraries Associations (BSLA) Programme. The sub-module focuses on the role of School Libraries and their associations with particular reference to functions in communicating, marketing, and advocacy for the increased importance of school libraries. The sub-module draws on several communication tools by library associations. School library relationships and communications exist within varierty of context, which then impact library initiatives.

please note: Access to the materials requires registration on the IFLA Learning platform.

IFLA School Library Guidelines 2015

The IFLA School Libraries Section is pleased to make available the IFLA School Library Guidelines 2015.  This has been a huge collaborative piece of work to bring together more than two years worth of work.  The drafting of these revised guidelines involved discussion, debate and consultation with many people from many countries at workshops during IFLA conferences and mid-year meetings and through ongoing writing and review in person and online.

The editors are indebted to the contributions of members of the Standing Committee of the IFLA Section of School Libraries and the executive board of the International Association of School Librarianship (IASL), as well as the other members of the international school library community who shared their expertise and their passion for the project.  Huge thanks to editors Barbara Shultz-Junes and Dianne Oberg.

Approved in June 2015 by the IFLA Professional Committee.

New publication from De Gruyter (2015)

Global Action on School Library Guidelines
Ed. by Barbara A. Schultz-Jones, Dianne Oberg
Berlin/New York: De Gruyter Saur, 2015. 160 p.
[IFLA Publications; Nr 167]. 

This book celebrates the new IFLA School Library Guidelines and shows how the Guidelines can be used in improving school library services. Each chapter describes innovative initiatives for developing, implementing and promoting school library guidelines. The book provides inspiration and guidance for the creation of national school library standards and for the development and use of standards and guidelines to change school library practice, to define the teaching role of school librarians, to guide the initial preparation of school librarians, and to advocate for school library services. Contributors to the book come from around the world: Australia, Canada, Ethiopia, France, Malaysia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the United States. Their work illustrates the shared commitment of school librarians around the world to "teaching and learning for all", as envisioned in the IFLA/UNESCO School Library Manifesto.

IASL and IFLA – Joint Book Project 2010

Global Perspectives on School Libraries: Projects and Practices
Luisa Marquardt and Dianne Oberg (Eds.)
Berlin/New York: De Gruyter Saur, 2011. 160 p.
[IFLA Publications; Nr 148]. 

Education for all can be more effectively provided through the services, programmes and activities of the school library tailored to the needs of the school community. This inspiring book can foster the school librarian's professional development for school library enhancement. It aims at providing amazing topics, methodologies, approaches and experiences. It presents projects and practices addressing the challenges of supporting basic literacy, including contexts where many children cannot or do not access formal instruction on a regular basis. These may inspire education authorities, public librarians and other cultural professionals who work closely with schools and communities.

IASL and IFLA – Joint Working Party Proposal

Principals and school librarians working within an information literate school community
The project has been funded in late 1995 as a large project from Division 3 and is conducted by Lyn Hay and James Henri (Australia). It covers a period of three years (1996-1998) with total funding of 7200 $US, extended by a 1500$US grant to Lyn Hay, James Henri and Dianne Oberg during the 1996 IASL Conference in Jamaica. A workshop, during the 1998 annual conference in Amsterdam, led by Lyn Hay reported on the results of the international research. Contributions were made by representatives from Canada, Australia, Scotland, Finland, South Korea and France. 

See: the IASL and IFLA – Joint Working Party Proposal.