The Library and Research Services for Parliaments Section (‘IFLAPARL’) has completed its Annual Report for the period September 2018-August 2019. Its purpose is to inform the Professional Committee, the Section’s Standing Committee, members of the Section and the profession around the world of work done during the year. The Annual Report refers to the activities identified in the Unit’s 2018-2019 Action Plan and reports on the progress of these activities, those that have been completed and their impact.

Activities undertaken during 2018-2019 included:

1.     Capacity building opportunities 

2.     Satellite meeting/pre-conference, 22-23 August 2019 at the Hellenic Parliament

3.     Section sessions at WLIC 2019 in Athens, Greece

4.     Two newsletters published (February and July 2019) both translated into Spanish  (February & July)

5.     Parliamentary Library Open Day template discussion

6.     Guidelines for Parliamentary Libraries publication 

7.     Facilitate discussion on best practice and standards for ethics in parliamentary research services

The full IFLAPARL Annual Report 2018-2019 is now available for review.