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Library and Research Services for Parliaments: it’s complicated!

21 September 2022

    Parliamentary Libraries contribute to democracy through the provision of information, of reference and research services, of subject matter expert support to parliamentary committees and associations, and in many cases, the provision of information to the public about parliament. IFLA Library and Research Services for Parliaments discusses the work and its challenges.

    Parliamentary Libraries & Archives: Providing information and related services

    20 September 2022

      Constitutions assign to parliaments not only the functions of law making and approval of expenditure/taxation but also the role of overseeing the work of the executive branch of government. Focusing on this last function of parliaments Josefa Fuentes, IFLA Library and Research Services for Parliaments (IFLAPARL) Chair, analyzes some of the inherent challenges ensuring public access to information produced and attained by the libraries and research services in parliaments related to government information.