• Building Strong Library and Information Science Education (BSLISE) Working Group
    The BSLISE Working Group is an initiative of the IFLA Education and Training Section (SET), LIS Education in Developing Countries Special Interest Group (LISEDC SIG), and Library Theory and Research (LTR) Section.
    BSLISE White PaperBuilding Strong LIS Education: A Call to Global and Local Action”
  • SET Training School
    Based on the results of IFLA’s Global Vision discussions, SET has recognized the need of a curriculum suitable for the social role of libraries, aimed at social inclusion, digital inclusion and lifelong learning. LIS students must be educated to be able to assess and support the needs of society, becoming active agents of social inclusion and social justice for a better society. SET has proposed to set up a SET Training School with the aim of facilitating teaching and learning for a social role and ultimately to enable professionals to carry out the IFLA Global vision.
    Key Initiative: 2.1 Produce, communicate and distribute key resources and materials that inspire the profession
  • Webinar Series for LIS Students
    Description: includes two directions: (1) Joint project “A Webinar Series for LIS Students” across the Division C units; (2) BSLISE Working Group Project “Library and Information Science Student Voices: Global Peer-to-Peer Dialogue”. In 2021, SET proposed and coordinated the IFLA Division IV Webinar Series for LIS Students across the Division units. Its aim is to engage LIS students in an international dialogue with the IFLA community about the future of LIS. SET SC will continue to collaborate on a project with the Division C units to enable LIS students to present their research or/and projects for the professional community and to involve students in professional activities and developing competencies, as well as becoming members of the IFLA professional community. The other project “Library and Information Science Student Voices: Global Peer-to-Peer Dialogue” initiated by IFLA BSLISE Working Group aims at creating a platform to highlight experiences, engage ideas and express opinions about LIS education and the profession – valuable insights for an evolving field and for their own professional future.
    Key Initiative: 3.4 Provide targeted learning and professional development
  • 40th Anniversary SET Summit on LIS Education |
    Book “Educating the Profession: 40 years of the IFLA Section on Education and Training
  • International and Comparative Librarianship Communitas
  • International Guidelines for Equivalency and reciprocity of Qualifications for LIS Professionals
    Anna Maria Tammaro and Terry Weech (December 2009)