Would you like to get involved with the Social Science Libraries Section (SOCSCI)? Here’s how:

  1. Explore our projects page – contact the project organiser or Section Chair
  2. Provide a translation for one of our resources – contact our Information Coordinator 
  3. Learn how to become a Standing Committee Member – follow our elections page
  4. Become an IFLA Member or IFLA Personal Affiliate and a registered member of our Section

SocSci brings together librarians who are involved with or interested in social science libraries in order to serve scholars working on the big issues of our time – how people behave, work in groups, and impact the world around us.  Our librarians work with social science disciplines such as anthropology, communications, demography, data librarianship, economics, global studies, gender and women’s studies, geography and cartography, history and philosophy, political science, psychology, sociology, religious studies, and social work.

Why join SOCSCI?

  • To expand your professional network
  • To learn about best practices and trends in social science libraries and librarianship
  • To learn social science research methods to improve your library’s outreach and impact
  • To connect with librarians supporting research on key social issues around the globe

Serving on an IFLA Section Standing Committee represents a great personal and professional opportunity. It brings you in contact with library and information experts and specialists to contribute resources, research and practical guidance to the library and information field, and to bring this back to your own practice and community. See what current IFLA Volunteers are saying about their experience, here.

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