Webinar Series for Professional Practice in Social Science Research

The SSLS, partnering with the Library Theory & Research (LTR) Section, will host a webinar series/workshop to inspire and enhance the professional practice of those performing social science research across the globe. In this series, librarians and academic professionals will share their extensive experience in research design, methods, analysis, and dissemination to introduce participants to research in real-world settings and translating empirical findings to both practice and publishable results.

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WLIC-2022/2023 Open Sessions Planning

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Social Media Push

SSLS is working to enhance our communications and social media practices to encourage more profound and meaningful engagement between SSLS, the IFLA community, and beyond. Planned activities include:

  • Regular “get-to-know-our-members” profiles on social media. These profiles include short snippets of each member’s motivations for being in IFLA, how their motivations connect with IFLA strategic directions, and short professional biographies. As a result, there will be the creation of a database of experts in Social Science Librarianship.
  • Frequent recommendations for social science literature on social media. These literature recommendations are coming directly from SSLS members as a form of engagement within the section. As a result, there will be a list of valuable publications published on the Section website.

Working Group include primaries: Ekaterina Shibaeva (Russia), Jennifer Voutssas (Mexico). The SSLS SC will contribute as a whole for their profiles. We’ve also aske members to submit articles/resources related to social science librarianship as they come up.

Supporting the Special Interest Group, RELINDIAL

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