Working groups

  • IFLA Genre/Form Working Group
    • The primary goal of this working group is to monitor and provide information about usage, developments and projects relating to genre/form worldwide and promote and facilitate the knowledge about genre/form among the professional community.
  • Automated Subject Analysis and Access
    • The primary goal of this working group is to provide information about developments and projects using automated indexing methods and explore best practices for the professional community.
  • Training and Education in Subject Access (TESA)
    • The WG’s goals are to create awareness, recommend, promote and inspire training and education in areas relating to knowledge organization systems, subject analysis, subject indexing, and subject access to information.  TESA’s end goal is to contribute to the improvement of knowledge access in libraries and other information institutions.
  • Knowledge Organization System change and Data Structure (KOS-D)
    • The working group surveys existing KOS conceptual and data model, as well as exchange standards, to explore the functional requirements for recording, managing, and accessing KOS information with an additional focus on changes in concept representation. The group’s goal is to develop Best Practices for recording and presenting change in KOS, to enhance KOS conceptual and data modelling, representation, use, and exchange.