The Permanent UNIMARC Committee (PUC) was formed in 1991, in accordance with resolution No. 5 issued at the Seminar on Bibliographic Records held in Stockholm before the IFLA General Conference, August 1990, with the purpose to control the UNIMARC standard in accordance with the principles of Universal Bibliographic Control. It was part of UBCIM Core Activity. Since 2003 the PUC was functioning within the UNIMARC Strategic Programme. From 2021 it is functioning as UNIMARC Committee review group under Advisory Committee on Standards.

Terms of Reference

The main objective of the review group is to maintain and develop the UNIMARC formats. In this role, the UNIMARC Committee:

  • maintains the UNIMARC format by discussing proposals documented by the UNIMARC Office on behalf of UNIMARC users and officially approving changes to the format. It liaises with Bibliography, Cataloguing and Classification & Indexing Sections, as well as with related Review Groups, on matters of mutual interest;
  • reviews the further development of the UNIMARC format to encompass new functions and new forms of materials and officially approves the results, and
  • acts as a review committee for UNIMARC documentation published by IFLA.


The review group consists of a minimum of 7 and no more than 9 standing members, who are experts in UNIMARC and come from different countries and institutions having active UNIMARC experience. A maximum of 12 corresponding experts may be appointed for a two-year term to represent other geographical areas of UNIMARC expertise. Members are:

Liaisons: Mirna Willer (ISBD), Maria Aslanidi (IAML’s Representative), Florence Tfibel (Bibliography Section)

Advisors: Rosa Galvão (Portugal), Mirna Willer (Croatia), Jay Weitz (USA)


The UNIMARC Committee meets once a year. Minutes/reports:

Reports of business/informal meetings:

UNIMARC Action Plan:

UNIMARC Reports:

Action plan with ICABS Strategic Plan:

Activity Reports issued with ICABS:


The PUC is responsible for the preparation and dissemination of IFLA publications and other documentation regarding UNIMARC. See the complete list of UNIMARC publications and UNIMARC formats with updates and related resources.

Contact Addresses

Branka Badovinac
Chair, Permanent UNIMARC Committee

IZUM – Institute of Information Science
Prešernova ulica 17, 2000 Maribor
Tel. +386 2 252 03 31
email: [email protected]