We need your help to ensure that copyright limitations and exceptions for libraries and archives are updated for the digital age to preserve and make available works. Here’s a list of things you can do.

Join us

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Get engaged with decision makers

Set up meetings with and engage in relationship building with your local, regional and national politicians, governments and decision makers. Advocate for an updated copyright system of limitations and exceptions. You may use the templates we’ve provided for you, or customise your message to tell everybody why this issue is important for libraries in your country.

Spread the message

Give regular updates about limitations and exceptions through your communication channels (such as newsletters, events, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Let everybody know you support this important issue, and ask them to join you in advocating for an international binding instrument that meets the needs of libraries in the 21st century.

Download our communication materials

We promote the dissemination of information material about copyright limitations and exceptions for libraries. Download IFLA Policy Statements, Publications, Presentations and Videos. Templates on how to get involved with the limitations and exceptions campaign, you may find in the toolkit. We provide material in different languages. Take a look at our resources.

Share your story

Why are limitations and exceptions for libraries so important for you and the libraries in your country? We want to hear your story. Get in touch and tell us what you need to help your library users meet their work, study, research and leisure needs. We may be in touch to ask if we can share your story with the library community.

We’re curious to hear about your ideas and your activities—please stay in touch.