Get involved! An overview

IFLA is building a strong and united library field and you can be part of it. Wherever you are in the world, if you have energy and time to contribute, we encourage you to engage.

How does it work?

IFLA has a variety of councils, committees, sections, and special interest groups including of course our Governing Board. Some work at the strategic level while others focus on individual areas of the library and information services profession. Some demand a specific level of expertise and experience while others welcome a range of skills and experience.

We invite you to read through the pages on this website and consider the different committees and positions. In each case, you’ll learn more about the role of the committee and position, the term of office, the roles and responsibilities, and the skills and attributes required. You can also consult the overview of IFLA’s new governance structures.

Who benefits?

The global library field as a whole. Your contribution and activity as a volunteer on an IFLA committee makes you part of a global movement to improve and enhance access to information for all user groups. Whether your output through your committee work is a toolkit, policy statement or webinar, you’ll have an impact on the profession.

But it is also a unique personal and professional experience to be an active part of the IFLA family. You’ll form connections with colleagues in many countries and on many continents, and be involved in setting agendas and addressing issues at the global level. You’ll broaden your horizons and take the knowledge you gain back to your workplace. Your professional network will extend and deepen, enhancing your career.

If you are unsure where to start, we suggest you speak to someone involved in IFLA, an IFLA Member or contact us at

How do I get nominated?

Once you’ve found a position you’re interested in, find out how many nominations you need and who can nominate you. This could be an association or institutional member of IFLA, or in some cases, an affiliate (usually an individual). You’ll need to approach them and ask them to submit a nomination on your behalf. A list of IFLA Members organised by country is available. If you are interested in a Professional Section Standing Committee, you may need to approach the current Chair and Secretary of that Section. They will help you to identify a nominator who can submit a nominator form.

What documentation is needed?

Once you have organised the required number of nominators, you should complete the relevant Nominee Consent Form appropriate to that position. You’ll be asked to provide contact details and a statement outlining how you fit the criteria.

I’m an IFLA Member or Affiliate? What can I do?

IFLA Members and Affiliates will be sent nomination documentation with links to online nomination forms. Using this documentation, you can nominate as many people as there are positions vacant. For example, you can nominate one person for President-elect as there is only one position, however, you could nominate 20 people for your Regional Division Committee as there are 20 vacant positions.

Get involved!

As a member, you will be aware of IFLA’s journey of transformation over the past years. You have a critical role to play in nominating people who you believe have the enthusiasm, professional knowledge and commitment to contribute to IFLA and the global library field. These people could be staff or professional colleagues with whom you are in contact. Your nomination is your endorsement.

What is the deadline?

All nominations and nominee consent forms must be submitted online by 12:00 CEST on 13 April 2021.


Please check the Frequently Asked Questions webpage in the first instance. For any other questions, please contact and we’ll be happy to get back to you.