To serve August 2023-August 2025

Voting begins 13 March 2023. Eligible voters have until 12:00 CEST on 12 April to cast their votes.

Governing Board members are responsible for the management of the Federation, overseeing governance, financial and professional matters, ensuring sustainability, and developing and guiding the strategic direction of the Federation.

Business is conducted in English so competence in English is necessary for effective participation, but it is also important for the Board to have a good representation of IFLA’s working languages.

Being a member of the Governing Board can be time-consuming and challenging work, including active engagement between the meetings, as the Board strives to advance the contribution of library and information services to society and to improve the practice of the profession. But it’s also rewarding, providing a stimulating opportunity to work with colleagues from different types of library and information environments and from different cultures.

The position

Positions available: five (5)

Term of office: two (2) years. Renewable once, although individuals need to stand again for re-election.


Nominations required: five (5)

Who can nominate: Members and Affiliates

Eligible nominees: Anyone. Candidates do not have to be an IFLA Member or Affiliate and if elected, are elected in their own right and not as the representative of their employer or nominator.

Expectations of Candidates

Skills and attributes: A candidate for this position should be able to demonstrate:

  • Expertise, experience and interest in/across the library field.
  • An understanding of financial management, fundraising and risk management.
  • An understanding of strategic planning, implementation and review processes.
  • Proven leadership skills, with experience in communication, representation and networking, an ability to leverage networks, and an interest in library politics and advocacy.
  • Willingness and ability to devote time and energy to the role – this is usually several hours per month, in addition to meetings.
  • Time allowance to prepare and attend meetings of the Governing Board, and financial resources to attend at least the IFLA annual Congress.
  • An ability to act with respect, trust, confidentiality and transparency within the Governing Board and recognise the need to protect personal and privileged information. They must declare any conflicts of interest and abstain from discussions where they have a conflict or potential conflict of interest.

Candidate statement: A statement of up to 500 words is requested with the nominee consent form.


Elections in writing will be held.

Who can vote: Members

How do I find a nominator?

Check the list of IFLA Members and Association Affiliates found on the Membership page. Contact IFLA members in your country or region and ask if they are willing to nominate you.

How do I submit my nominee form?

Those wishing to stand as a candidate will need to submit a nominee form for this position. This should be done once nominators have been found. In this form you will be asked to provide a statement of up to 500 words describing how you demonstrate the skills and attributes required.

A nomination only becomes valid when there is a match between the number of required nominations and a completed nominee form.

More information

Learn more about the remit of the Governing Board in Article 14 of the IFLA Statutes.