IFLA currently offers four types of membership for individuals: Personal Affiliate, Student Affiliate, New Graduates, and Non-salaried:

Personal Affiliates
Individuals who wish to mark their interest in and support for the purposes and professional activities of IFLA.  

Student Affiliates
Individuals who are able to provide proof of current enrolment in a course of study leading to entry-level professional qualifications in librarianship or information work. Individuals may remain in this sub-category for as long as they can prove appropriate enrollment. [IFLA Rules of Procedure 3.4.2]

New Graduates
Individuals who graduated in library and information science are eligible for an IFLA membership at the students´ rate for the first two years after graduating. Proof of diploma is necessary to apply for membership under this incentive. 

Individuals who are not currently in paid employment and do not expect to be within the next three months. In order to join this category, members have to confirm that they are entitled to it and agree that they inform IFLA as soon as this status changes.


The annual membership fees for individuals:

  • Personal Affiliates – EUR [personal_affiliates_fee]
  • Student Affiliates – EUR [student_affiliates_fee]
  • New Graduates – EUR [new_graduates_fee]
  • Non-salaried – EUR [non_salaried_fee]

IFLA Sections

Affiliates are entitled to register free of charge for one Section. In addition to this free registration, all Affiliates will automatically, if applicable,  be registered in the appropriate Regional Activities Section (Africa, Asia & Oceania, or Latin America & the Caribbean).

Affiliates have no voting rights.

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