The Safer Internet Day working group launched its survey in Spring 2021 and collected 482 responses from librarians serving young people around the world. Many thanks to all who participated.  

Data analysis is underway! So far, we’ve seen lots of interesting data about what sorts of digital services libraries are providing to young people—from Internet access to hand-held gaming devices, and about how youth services librarians are managing Internet safety—or not. While many librarians participate in community skills-building around safe practices, others were either not aware of Safer Internet Day, or struggle to raise awareness about Internet safety in their communities. We hope the survey will allow those of us in the Section on Libraries for Children and Young Adults to learn more about how we can help. Look for dissemination of survey results soon! 


Safer Internet Day working group 2021: Marianne Martens, coordinator, (USA), Razina Akhter (Bangladesh), Maria Alekseeva (Russia), Annie Everall (UK), Emiko Goeku (Japan), Huey Bin Heng (Singapore), Alica Kolaric (Croatia), Antonella Lamberti (Italy), Naoko Nakajima (Japan), Carolynn Rankin (UK), Melanie Ramirez (Phillipines)