Through its work around the Sustainable Development Goals and the wider United Nations 2030 Agenda, IFLA promotes engagement not just at the global, but also at the national level. Many IFLA Members have taken up this opportunity! See below for just a few examples:

Bibliosuisse (Switzerland)

With its campaign «Biblio2030», Bibliosuisse encourages Swiss libraries to put an important contemporary issue on their agendas and to position themselves as platforms for local discussion and implementation. Biblio2030 is an opportunity for libraries to show how their work meets the local and global challenges of today’s world. The campaign Biblio2030 promotes sustainability in Swiss libraries by mediation formats such as workshops, learning tools and publications (upcoming), networking events and curated online resources:

The Biblio2030 campaign (in German)

The Biblio2030 commission (in German)

Online resources (in german)

Online resources (in French)

Online resources (in Italian)