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IFLA engages at the UNECE Regional Forum on Sustainable Development

20 April 2022

    IFLA participated actively in the Regional Forum for Sustainable Development for Europe, which included a strong emphasis on promoting resilience and ensuring a strong and inclusive future. Maia Simonishvili, member of the Europe Regional Division Committee, participated, using the opportunity to place libraries on the agenda, gather insights, and build connections.

    Libraries Upholding Cultural Rights: IFLA Welcomes Special Rapporteur for Cultural Rights Alexandra Xanthaki

    11 March 2022

      IFLA welcomed the UN Special Rapporteur in the field of Cultural Rights Alexandra Xanthaki as she addressed the Human Rights Council for the first time during their 49th Session. An IFLA representative sat down with the Special Rapporteur following her address to discuss priorities for the coming years and highlight the ways in which libraries work to uphold cultural rights for their communities.  

      Not without libraries! Looking ahead on the SDGs

      8 February 2022

        Every year around the Sustainable Development Goals is a busy one, with 2022 no exception! There will be key opportunities to work through the structures and meetings around the Goals to ensure that governments and other stakeholders understand the contribution that libraries can make, and what they need to do it. This article looks to provide an idea of the themes that are likely to be at the top of the agenda this year, as well as two key ways of getting involved – through reviews of SDG implementation and engagement in key meetings.

        IFLA and the SDGs: January 2022 Update

        31 January 2022

          Engaging around the Sustainable Development Goals represents a powerful way both of thinking through how libraries contribute to achieving policy goals, and building up networks and recognition by governments. We've brought together information about what's going on around the Untied Nations 2030 Agenda at the moment, as well as relevant materials produced by IFLA. Take a look through for more!

          Partnering for development: a joint interview between Jamaica’s SDG focal point and libraries

          31 January 2022

            Through our work around the Sustainable Development Goals, IFLA argues that libraries are essential partners for development, and should be integrated into planning and implementation. Voluntary National Reviews provide a particular opportunity to set out where these partnerships stand, and how we can go further. We interviewed colleagues in Jamaica to find out more about how libraries are being involved in Review preparation there.

            Coming Soon: ResiliArt x Mondiacult – Libraries enabling inclusive and meaningful access to culture

            27 January 2022

              In September 2022, UNESCO will convene the World Conference on Cultural Policies and Sustainable Development – Mondiacult 2022, hosted in Mexico City. IFLA will help bring the voices of the library and information profession to these discussions is through an upcoming virtual event: ResiliArt x Mondiacult – Libraries enabling inclusive and meaningful access to culture.

              Helping every library work with the SDGs: Interview with Nathalice Cardoso

              17 January 2022

                The United Nations 2030 Agenda is not just a document for governments, rather it sets out responsibilities for everyone, including libraries! However, it is not always easy to make the connection between high-level policy documents and day-to-day library operations. We interviewed Natalice Cardoso, to find out about her work in engaging libraries in questions around the Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals