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Building momentum towards a culture goal - IFLA at the UCLG Culture Summit 2023

8 December 2023

    Local governments are not just a key stakeholder for many libraries, but also a key ally in making the case for a stronger recognition of the role of culture, cultural institutions and cultural actors in advancing sustainable development. We were therefore very happy to join United Cities and Local Governments' Culture Summit, focused on building recognition of this role, and to sign a memorandum of understanding allowing us to take this work further. 

    Updates from COP28: Get involved in library climate advocacy

    4 December 2023

      IFLA is excited to invite colleagues from the library and museum fields, as well as from the Permanent Delegation of the UAE to UNESCO, to join us in a discussion at the Greening Education Hub. We will explore how cultural actors help implement lifelong greening community strategies, and integrate these perspectives into the work programme of the UNESCO Greening Education Partnership.

      Library SDG Pledge - Sign up now!

      8 August 2023

        We are welcoming signatures from library and information workers, institutions and associations around the world for the Library SDG Pledge, an opportunity to demonstrate to leaders and partners our commitment to supporting efforts to transform our world.