On 18th February 2016, NISCAIR organized a Seminar on Philosophy and Teachings of Dr. S R Ranganathan, where the organizer formally released ALIS special issue "Philosophy and Teachings of S R Ranganathan". ALIS is an open access scholarly journal established by S R Ranganathan in 1954. One of the speakers at this seminar highlighted the creation of the bibliographic profiles of 29 library and information science (LIS) pioneers on Google Scholar Citations, commissioned by the EC3 Research Group in Spain. Those scholars, now deceased, played an outstanding role in the creation and consolidation of the field of LIS. These profiles are already accessible on Google Scholar platform. SR Ranganathan (1892-1972) is featured on Google Scholar Citations as one of these 29 LIS Pioneers. He only represented the Global South or the developing countries. Open access full-text articles in this special issue are now available online.

Annals of Library and Information Studies (ALIS), 2015, Vol 62, No 4

Table of Contents

Guest Editorial | by Jaideep Sharma | pp. 199-202


  • Library Profession and Dr. Ranganathan | R Satyanarayana | pp. 203-207
  • Ranganathan's Philosophy in the Context of Societal Development Leading to a Knowledge Society | SB Ghosh | pp. 208-212
  • Influence of Manu on Ranganthan's Philosophy of Library Science: An Overview | Partha Pratim Ray | pp. 213-216
  • Revisiting Contributions of Ranganathan in Collection Development | AS Chandel; Avijit Rai | pp. 217-221
  • Ranganathan’s Contribution to Bibliometrics | Bimal Kanti Sen | pp. 222-225
  • Universal Decimal Classification and Colon Classification: Their Mutual Impact | Amitabha Chatterjee | pp. 226-230
  • The Colon Classification: A Few Considerations on Its Future | KS Raghavan | pp. 231-238
  • Save the National Heritage: Revise the Colon Classification | MP Satija | pp. 239-248
  • Web CC: An Effort Towards Its Revival | Parveen Babbar | pp. 249-254
  • Ranganathan’s Elucidation of Subject in the Light of ‘Infinity (∞)’ | Bidyarthi Dutta | pp. 255-264
  • Ranganathan and Dewey in Hierarchical Subject Classification: Some Similarities | Pijushkanti Panigrahi | pp. 265-267
  • Principles for Helpful Sequence and Their Relevance in Technical Writings: A Study | Shyama Rajaram | pp. 268-273
  • Use of Ranganathan’s Analytico-Synthetic Approach in Developing a Domain Ontology in Library and Information Science | Shrabana Ghosh; Pijushkanti Panigrahi | pp. 274-280
  • Developing a Banking Service Ontology Using Protégé, an Open Source Software | Kaushal Giri; Pratibha Gokhale | pp. 281-285
  • Revisiting Ranganathan’s Canons in Online Cataloguing Environment | Rosalien Rout; Pijushkanti Panigrahi | pp. 286-289
  • S R Ranganathan in Google Scholar and Other Citation Databases | Anup Kumar Das; Sanjaya Mishra | pp. 290-298

Access the Issue Online: http://nopr.niscair.res.in/handle/123456789/33710


 ALIS special issue cover

ALIS special issue cover.