What are the turning points in the history of libraries and librarians around the world?

Learning from the past

Two recent SIG Library History conference sessions: IFLA 2017 Wroclaw Poland – Libraries in Times of Crisis; and IFLA 2018 – Kuala Lumpur – Transform Libraries, Transform Societies: Library Outreach to Marginalized Populations – Historical Perspectives made us aware of the importance of an understanding of the past and of the profession’s theoretical foundations from global perspectives. Learning from colleagues from all parts of the world enables us to create the successful provision of library services for the present and future.

Recording the past

Through the SIG Library History we share professional library knowledge and its contribution to the global voice of the library and information profession. The SIG is embarking on an ambitious set of projects: to check the existence of oral recordings from past librarians; to ensure the capture oral stories from today’s librarians as a contribution to learning for the future – we can learn from their sense of responsibility, concern and even regret; and to celebrate IFLA’s centenary in 2027 by capturing oral histories from past IFLA Presidents, Secretaries General and IFLA personalities.

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