The IT Section celebrates its 55th anniversary in 2018! Created in 1963 as library automation and information technology first emerged as important to libraries, it has remained a strong force within IFLA for promoting and advancing IT in all libraries and information services. IT affects all aspects of today's library, regardless of type or geographic location. Through its position in organisations, it is critical not only to the library but also to society as a whole. 

This open session celebrates technologies and innovations over the last 55 years that still transform libraries today, and explores emerging and innovative technologies shaping libraries in the future. The session will present:

1.  ILMS & digital libraries, Open Source, OER, Open Access, the Open Movement (Edmund Balnaves, Prosentient Systems, Australia)

2.  MARC and beyond: our three Linked Data choices (Richard Wallis, Data Liberate, UK)

3.  Embedded from the start: IT in the world’s newest national library building (Sohair Wastawy & Stuart Hamilton, Qatar National Library, Qatar)

4.  IT integration into LIS education: an academic librarian's perspective (Lynn Kleinveldt, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa)

5.  Emerging and innovative technologies: IE University Library reinventing higher education (Amada Marcos, IE University & IE Business School, Spain)

6.  Achieving ongoing technical innovations in libraries (Frank Seeliger, Technical University of Applied Sciences, Germany)

Join our invited speakers and reflect with us on the progress of library technology as well as developments that are still unfolding! 

See you at IFLA WLIC2018, Sunday 26 Aug, 13.45-15.45, Ballroom 1