The Information Technology (IT) Section promotes best practices in computing technology as applied to libraries and information services.

Major activities

The IT Section focuses on information and communication technologies related to the creation, organization, storage, maintenance, access, retrieval, and transfer of information and documents for all types of libraries and information centers.

Our scope includes, but is not limited to:

  • IT management, training and policy issues
  • text mining, machine learning, natural language processing, AI
  • robotics and automation
  • digital transformation
  • technology sustainablity and equitable access
  • communication and collaboration platforms
  • data management and analytics

IFLA sections or groups are working on topics that widely involve information and computer technologies. Whenever needed IT Section propose support and expertise for projects led by other IFLA members.

This unit is part of the Professional Division H.

This unit sponsors the Artificial Intelligence Special Interest Group and the Big Data Special Interest Group.