IFLA Global Vision Regional Workshop: Africa


What a finale! After five inspiring meetings around the world, the 2018 IFLA Global Vision regional workshops came to a climax in Durban, South Africa this weekend. 48 library leaders from 34 African countries came together to share ideas for actions to form a united library field.   

The timing of the workshop was perfect. Coinciding with the 2nd meeting of African Ministers responsible for libraries, IFLA was able to show its support in strengthening the African Library field by attending the minister’s round-table ahead of the Global Vision discussions.

Since the Regional Workshops began in April, a total of 241 librarians from 150 countries have collaborated and contributed to ensure that libraries, together, power literate, informed and participative societies: the ultimate goal of the Vision.

To help reach this goal, IFLA President Glòria Pérez-Salmerón and Secretary General Gerald Leitner guided delegates through a series of engaging activities to draw out ideas for action from the top ten Highlights and Opportunities in the IFLA Global Vision Report Summary

IFLA Secretary General Gerald Leitner

In his words to the participants, IFLA Secretary-General set the bar high:

Global challenges require a global answer from a globally united library field. We can only reach our goals together.  And we need to do this, not for ourselves, but for the people in our countries, to make their lives better.


Every librarian an advocate!

For the African Region, the need for advocates at all levels of the library field (opportunity 5 in the Report Summary) cannot be underestimated. Showcasing the positive impact libraries have on communities is a role every librarian can take on – every librarian can be an advocate!

Opening the workshop, Glòria Pérez-Salmerón said:

I truly believe that universal access to information is key to humanity, and that libraries are essential for this. It makes dreams and plans into reality. And through our discussions today, we are making the Vision reality”.

IFLA President Gloria Perez Salmeron


What’s next for IFLA Global Vision?

Now that the six regional workshops have concluded, it is time to collect as many ideas for actions from every country and create the biggest ideas store which will be a source of inspiration for every librarian around the world. 

The opportunity to contribute ideas will be launched during IFLA’s World Library and Information Congress in August 2018. Stay tuned for further announcements! 

View all the photos from the Africa Global Vision Regional Workshop in our Flickr album