To IFLA’s voting Members: With just three weeks to go until IFLA’s extraordinary General Assembly, it’s time for IFLA’s Members to designate proxies who can vote on your behalf.

IFLA’s extraordinary General Assembly 2021 takes place in Melbourne, Australia, on 12 February 2021.

We are aware that attending in person currently is only a possibility for a small share of IFLA’s overall membership. However, this does not mean that you cannot make your voice heard! Through choosing someone who can vote for you, following your instructions, you can shape IFLA’s future. 

All of IFLA’s Members have received proxy forms (also available on the page setting out the agenda for our meeting). You will need to return these by 10 February, at 12pm CET (see what time this is for you). I can only encourage those who have yet to return these to us to do so as soon as you can.

Your action here is important. While you will be able to watch the extraordinary General Assembly online, the meeting can only take binding decisions if it achieves a quorum, calculated according to the number of Members present or represented by proxies. 

And of course, with a key decision on the agenda – the approval of IFLA’s new draft Statutes – you have the possibility to choose whether IFLA chooses the path towards becoming a more inclusive, effective, transparent organisation.

I look forward to receiving your proxy forms, and to seeing you – online – in February.

Kind regards,

Gerald Leitner
Secretary General
The Hague, Netherlands
20 January 2021