IFLA Global Vision MENA

Next week sees the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region’s turn to discuss their ideas for actions as the IFLA Global Vision discussion reaches the splendid National Library of Tunisia on 8 – 10 May and the Global Vision team cannot wait to begin!  

With two successful IFLA Global Vision regional workshops already achieved (Latin America and the Caribbean and North America), the MENA workshop marks the halfway point in our Regional tour, which has been generating phenomenal ideas to turn the vision into reality.  

The packed programme will use the unique content within the IFLA Global Vision Report Summary to discuss, creatively, ideas for actions and explore in detail each of the top 10 Highlights and Opportunities, as revealed in the Report Summary launch in March 2018.   

Ideas for actions

Collecting ideas for actions is the next step we need to take to transform our global vision into reality.  But what does this term mean? Quite simply, we want as many diverse, exciting, practical, strategic, creative, and useful ideas which will convert the IFLA Global Vision Highlights and Opportunities into actions.  Every idea counts at this stage. From the strategic to the practical and operational, IFLA will synthesise each idea and add it to our ‘ideas store’, which will be an inspirational source for librarians and our library friends around the world.  

It promises to be an exciting few days with many special moments that we look forward to sharing!