Over three days, IFLA’s Governing Board met for its first in-person meeting since Rotterdam, in a week that marked 100 days since it took office. The time spent together was an opportunity not just to look back at what had been achieved, but also to advance key projects, opening the way to further delivery in 2024. 

In this context, IFLA President Vicki McDonald shared a message with IFLA Members and Volunteers, now also published on our website. In addition, the Governing Board:

  • Explored different options around the President’s meeting in September-October 2024, and commissioned further work to establish an attractive programme model for participants. It was agreed that the President’s meeting provides the opportunity to pilot new formats, with a focus on engagement and interactivity. More information will be provided as planning progresses.
  • Held a workshop on the IFLA Strategy 2024-2029 based on the inputs provided by respondents to our pulse surveys (which are also available online). They discussed a set of change pathways – priority focus areas for improving the current strategy – which will be shared with Members and volunteers for their views in January. 
  • Approved the terms of reference for the WLIC Model Review, which will launch in January with plenty of opportunities to engage. Four working groups will be formed to ensure all aspects of the WLIC model are considered. 
  • Heard an update on the call for expressions of interest for hosting WLIC 2025 and noted the 31 January 2024 deadline
  • Agreed on a terms of reference for a working group to draft the Code of Conduct for IFLA volunteers. This work will progress during 2024 with opportunities for input from volunteers. 
  • Agreed on new means of supporting engagement between IFLA’s Advisory Committees and Governing Board, as well as a process for establishing Networks and of appointing liaison persons between IFLA groups and external bodies. 
  • Heard a presentation of the achievements of IFLA over recent months and noted the strong performance of IFLA across all areas of the IFLA Strategy – you can view the presentation on our Repository
  • Discussed options for ensuring IFLA’s long-term financial sustainability, and ensuring that we are best placed to be able to mobilise resources to the benefit of the global library field
  • Approved the budget for 2024
  • Noted IFLA’s financial projections for the rest of the year, as well as approving the revised risk register.
  • Discussed the issue of transparency in its own work. Within this context, it was affirmed that the GB will strive to provide information about its activities and governance to stakeholders that is accurate, complete and made available in a timely way.
  • Looked forward to further regional workshops in 2024, focused on regions which had yet to have this opportunity: North America and Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Discussed a request from the Ukrainian Library Association concerning Russian members, and came to a decision based on its own analysis of the evidence. This decision will be communicated to those parties affected. 
  • Heard concerns about the destruction of Gaza Public Library in the ongoing conflict, and agreed to mention this in any additional statements on the matter.
  • Met with the Stichting IFLA Global Libraries (SIGL) Board to discuss plans to work together to achieve a stronger library field.