The IFLA IT Section collaborated with the Statistics and Preservation and Conservation section today to present a very interesting series of papers on statistics in the context of cultural heritage:

Statistics and Evaluation, Information Technology and Preservation and Conservation

Statistics for cultural heritage

In the afternoon, IFLA IT section also achieved an honourable mention: the presented by Kayvan Kousha and Mahshid Aboli (Iran) showed a detailed citation analysis of IFLA conference papers in the Library Theory and Research session. 

On the subject of statistics it was pleasing to note that in 3 of the 4 years analysed the Information Technology section papers were the most frequently cited (Similar top ten topics attracted more citation impact at IFLA annual) – see /past-wlic/2009/105-kousha-en.pdf for an interesting citation analysis of IFLA conference papers. ITS papers were also the 2rd most frequently cited overall, after Indexing and Classification/Cataloguing


Edmund Balnaves

IFLA ITS Information Officer