Following a call for applications in April 2023, the Governing Board has appointed Martyn Wade to the position of IFLA Parliamentarian. The appointment was made after a thorough review process of applicants.

Past National Librarian and Chief Executive of the National Library of Scotland, and a 2018 recipient of the IFLA Medal, Martyn previously served as Parliamentarian from 2017 to 2022. He has a long history with IFLA, recently serving as Chair of both the FAIFE and CLM Advisory Committees. Martyn will serve as IFLA Parliamentarian for a period of four years, from January 2024– December 2027.

The IFLA Parliamentarian is an independent person who is an expert on the rules and methods of the conduct of business by boards and committees. Their role is to assist the President in ensuring compliance with good decision-making and meeting procedure. The Parliamentarian assists the President or Chair of the General Assembly, and the President (as Chair of the Governing Board) for the Governing Board.

Expanding the role of the Parliamentarian to providing advice at Governing Board meetings, as well at the IFLA General Assembly, was a key recommendation of the IFLA Code of Ethics Working Group.

A session for the Governing Board on meeting procedures and good governance will be scheduled for its April 2024 meeting. It is also planned to provide training to IFLA Officers to support consistent procedures across IFLA meetings, development of expertise in our membership, and provide succession planning for the vital role of Parliamentarian.