IFLA WLIC Preconference Satellite Meeting

Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau, Berlin, Germany

21 & 22 August 2019


Robots in Libraries: Challenge or Opportunity?

The rapid development in robotics and artificial intelligence technologies as well as the commercial availability of these products are making in-roads into libraries. Beyond automated storage and retrieval systems, we now have autonomous shelf reading robots, telepresence and humanoid robots, and chatbots and voice activated systems. Robots are becoming our co-workers and a number of libraries around the world have deployed different robots for internal operations as well as public services. This combination of skilled human resources and robotics technologies also complements library services in the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) era.

This conference is organized by the IFLA IT Section and hosted by the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau, Berlin.  We welcome you to submit proposals and to join us to explore robotics technologies, applications and use cases, human-robot interaction and multiplicity as well as their uses and impact on library operations and services.

Call for Proposals: https://2019.ifla.org/cfp-calls/information-technology-section/

Conference website: https://en.th-wildau.de/ifla-robot