The Government Information and Official Publications Section affirms and offers its strongest support to the IFLA initiative for libraries to suppport development, and joins IFLA in advocating for access to information be included in the post-2015 United Nations development agenda. Details about this intiative can be found on the IFLA web page on Libraries and Development and in particular the IFLA Statement on Libraries and Development.  

Some key points from the statement (quoted below) which apply specifically to the interests of the Government Information and Official Publications Section include:

  • Libraries deliver programmes and services alongside local and national governments, community groups, charities, funding organisations, and private and corporate enterprises.
  • Librarians are agile actors who are able to work alongside others in governments, civil society, business, academia and the technical community to help deliver policy goals. 
  • Libraries can help all people engage with the public institutions they need to access services, and can act as gateways to civic participation and new e-government services.
  • Library staff are trained, trusted intermediaries dedicated to guiding people to the information they seek. 
  • As Libraries have a natural role in providing access to the information content and networked services that underpin sustainable development, policymakers should encourage the strengthening and provision of libraries and utilise the skills of librarians and other information workers to help solve development problems at community levels.

Please join IFLA and GIOPS in supporting this important intiative and please see setails about how to get involved.