Take Action!

Take action now so that libraries have a say. Everyone in the library community and beyond can help promote the role of libraries as supporters of development.

Now that the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is underway, it is up to you to act and ensure that your needs are reflected on your national level. Libraries must now show that they can drive progress across the entire 2030 Agenda. We encourage the library community, specially library associations and institutions, to take action now.

While the SDGs are universal goals, each country will be responsible for developing and implementing national strategies to achieve them, and will be expected to track and report its own progress toward each target. As these plans are developed, the library community will have a clear opportunity to communicate to their government leaders how libraries serve as cost-effective partners for advancing their development priorities.

How to get involved?

  • Advocating with government decision-makers is essential now to secure recognition for the role of libraries as engines of development, and to ensure that libraries receive the resources needed to continue this work.
  • Raising awareness in the library community and beyond (through events, social media, websites, blogs, mailing lists) to show libraries’ contribution to development. Make use of resources available on the IFLA website for this purpose.

Helpful Resources

IFLA has produced a toolkit, a booklet, and a handout to support you in your advocacy and awareness-raising activities:

  • Use the toolkit for background on the UN 2030 Agenda and to plan your advocacy;
  • Create a delegation in your country to carry out advocacy work. Make sure to involve the national association and the national librarian as key influential partners in this initiative;
  • Use the booklet and handout as documents you can take to meetings to give to government officials or coalition partners;
  • Send electronic versions of the booklet and handout to your library association members, your staff, and key decision makers from your country;
  • Reprint the booklet and handout in your language for dissemination;
  • Translate the booklet and/or the handout to share them in your community. Keep in mind IFLA’s Branding guidelines and make sure to send us the file to make it available in IFLA’s website (Contact us to receive editable files to facilitate the translation work).
  • Adapt, reuse and translate a set of awareness-raising PowerPoint slides about libraries, the UN 2030 agenda and the SDGs (currently available in English, Spanish and French).
  • Create your own UN 2030 Agenda dissemination materials following UN guidelines for Non-UN Entities.

Stay in touch

  • Share news about advocacy and awareness-raising activities going on in your country using the #Lib4Dev hashtag
  • Follow @IFLA_Lib4Dev and @IFLA on Twitter, to be up to date with the advocacy work done by IFLA and the IAP Participants.
  • Engage with IFLA on Facebook
  • Contribute with examples of how libraries further development by completing this survey. Access a selection of examples of libraries contribution to each of the SDGs
  • Send news or stories on libraries and development to IFLA’s Advocacy Communications Officer Maria Violeta Bertolini (violeta.bertolini@ifla.org).
  • Access a selection of resources related to Libraries and the UN 2030 Agenda
  • Stay tuned to the events announcements to discover if there are any activities near you.

Communication materials

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Last update: 5 April 2017