Library History SIG session at IFLA WLIC 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Sunday 26 August 2018, Session 095 Conference Hall 3, 9.30–11.30 a.m. – please join us.

As earlier advised the SIG's session theme is Transform Libraries. Transform Societies: Library Outreach to Marginalized Populations: Historical Perspectives, and the small SIG “committee” had a difficult task deciding which papers to accept.  Having done that, final advice of the programme had to wait until decisions were made by IFLA on some funding assistance sought by 2 potential speakers.  All speakers have now confirmed their attendance and the SIG's programme of some very interesting papers has been entered onto the Conference website:

  • Plenary speaker: Associate Professor Brendan Luyt, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore  | “When the Marginalized Are the Majority: The Colonial Library in Singapore”.
  • "Desert Dreams: The Foundation and Growth of the Amargosa Valley Library” | Samuel Eddington, Training Coordinator, Eastern Shore Regional Library, Salisbury, Maryland, USA
  • “University of Zimbabwe Library and Services for New Farmers 2006-2011: Historical Reflections on Establishment and Impact” | Tendai Mataranyika, Faculty of Agriculture Librarian, University of Zimbabwe
  • “Research on the Development of Serving Marginalized Populations by Public Libraries of China in the Past 30 Years: A Case Study on Public Libraries in Guangdong Province” | Lei Wang´╝îXiaoyan Xie, Sun Yat-sen University Library
  • “Redesigning Libraries in Chilean Prisons” | Miguel Ángel Rivera Donoso, Coordinator Prison Libraries Program DIBAM, Chile. 


Dr Kerry Smith, FALIA, AM

Convenor, IFLA Library History SIG