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The IFLA @PressReader International Library Marketing Awards is open!!

Get your awesome strategies in the ring to win 

Has your library got #marketinggenius?

Apply for the IFLA PressReader International Library Marketing Award and win € 3000 towards registration and travel to IFLA World Library and Information Congress in Athens, Greece!

The Award offers the top three winners prize money towards travel, accommodation and registration to attend the Athens WLIC in 2019.

  • First place – 3000 euros
  • Second place – 2000 euros
  • Third place – 1500 euros

The call for applications for the 2019 award is now closed. Keep an eye on our webpage and Facebook page for information on the 2020 call for submissions.

The IFLA Section on Management and Marketing have partnered with new sponsor PressReader in collaboration with the IFLA International Marketing Library Award for 2019.

The IFLA PressReader International Marketing Award awards organisations that have implemented creative, results-oriented marketing projects or campaigns. Three finalists are selected on their innovative contribution to marketing in the Library field.

First, second and third place winners receive funds towards airfare, accommodation and registration for the World Library and Information Congress in Athens, Greece, 24–30 August 2019. The Award is also recognises marketing efforts by a developing country with fewer resources with a special commendation.

As the leading digital and print-on-demand newspaper and magazine platform, PressReader will help IFLA continue to recognize and support creative, inspired, results-oriented marketing campaigns – with special commendation to teams in developing countries. Individuals who submit their application by the deadline will receive an exclusive one-month gifted access to PressReader. They will have access to the full catalogue of global newspapers and magazines on the PressReader app.

Winners will be announced in March 2019 and officially awarded at the IFLA WLIC Awards Ceremony in Athens. The Award open 26 November 2018 and closes (10 January 2019) extended to 18 January 2019.

Objectives of the award

  • Recognise the best library marketing projects from previous calendar year;
  • Encourage marketing in libraries;
  • Provide an opportunity for libraries to share marketing experience and expertise globally


  • Any library that markets library products or services is eligible to apply for the award
  • Applications must be written in one of seven IFLA languages
  • Applicants may also submit an English translation if they prefer
  • Applications must be submitted with supporting materials by (10 January 2019) extended to 18 January 2019

Proposals must

  • Present an original marketing strategy
  • Answer each question on the application
  • Explain the benefits of the strategy
  • Provide a full description of the marketing strategy
  • Summarize the strategy and its results.

Libraries and institutions are encouraged to describe the imaginative and inventive aspects of the projects.

Selection Criteria

Applications will be judged on

  • Strategic approach to marketing, indicated in the research and planning stages of a submitted project
  • Creativity and innovation as demonstrated by the originality of solutions to the marketing challenges
  • Potential for generating widespread public visibility and support for libraries irrespective of the kind or amount of resources employed
  • Effectiveness illustrated by measurable objectives and subsequent evaluation methods

Applicants are encouraged to include marketing using digital resources:

  • Electronic journals, publisher databases, institutional repositories,
  • Web and digital libraries,
  • Information literacy,
  • New products and new services.

Proposals are reviewed on the basis of how well they meet the above criteria.

Other factors are

  • Clarity of planning and partnerships with external organisations
  • Efficient allocation of resources (staff, materials, time)

Members of the Award Jury are drawn from the membership of the IFLA Standing Committee on Management and Marketing:

Leslie Weir (Canada), Chair, Jennifer Thompson (Australia), Vice-Chair, Henar Silvestre Ferradal (Spain), Information Coordinator, Antonia Arahova (Greece), Ruth Ornholt (Norway), Ludmila Zaytseva (Russia) and Christie Koontz (USA), Adviser.


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