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Taller de la IFLA sobre transparencia y buen gobierno: Argentina

2 January 2012

    El 28 de septiembre de 2011, en coincidencia con el “Día del acceso a la información”, se realizó en Buenos Aires el Taller sobre transparencia y buen gobierno, patrocinado por IFLA LAC, IFLA FAIFE y la Biblioteca del Congreso (Argentina). A cargo de Paul Sturges, de la Universidad de Loughborough, Inglaterra, y de Alejandra Martínez del Prado, del Sistema de Bibliotecas de la Facultad de Medicina de la UNAM, el taller invitó al intercambio de ideas y opiniones para reflexionar sobre cómo pueden contribuir las bibliotecas al buen gobierno y la transparencia.

    IFLA workshop on transparency and good governance: Argentina

    31 December 2011

      On September 28, 2011, simultaneously with the “Access to information day”, the Workshop on transparency and good governance was carried out in Buenos Aires. Cosponsored by IFLA LAC, IFLA FAIFE and the Library of Congress of Argentina, the workshop was delivered by Paul Sturges, from the University of Loughborough, England, and by Alejandra Martínez del Prado, from the System of Libraries of the School of Medicine (UNAM), contributing to the exchange of ideas on how libraries can contribute to good governance and transparency.

      Blue Shield 2nd Statement on Egypt

      22 December 2011

        As the altercations in Egypt endure, and following the recent damages suffered by the Institut d’Egypte in Cairo, the Blue Shield expresses its great concern regarding the safeguarding of the country’s invaluable cultural heritage amidst the ongoing turmoil, and wishes to recall the importance of the Arab Republic of Egypt as repository of the world’s collective memory.

        IFLA Presidential Newsletter December 2011

        21 December 2011

          Dear IFLA colleagues: It is quite incredible that already four months have passed since I became IFLA President at the WLIC in Puerto Rico in August. Time has gone by very quickly as I have visited several countries representing IFLA.

          Discounts for IFLA members

          19 December 2011

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            Library and Archive Groups Delighted by Progress on Copyright Limitations and Exceptions at WIPO

            3 December 2011

              The 23rd session of the World Intellectual Property Organisation’s Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR) ended on 2nd December 2011. IFLA and library and archive organisations welcome the significant progress made by WIPO Member States towards achieving a global set of copyright limitations and exceptions for libraries and archives.

              SCCR discusses Draft Compilation on Limitations and Exceptions for Libraries and Archives

              28 November 2011

                The 23rd session of the Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights continued at WIPO over the weekend. Discussion on Saturday concerned a proposed WIPO Draft Treaty for the Protection of Broadcasting Organisations. On Monday two new documents were introduced: a ‘Working Document on an International Instrument on Limitations for Persons with Print Disabilities’ and a ‘Draft Compilation on Limitations and Exceptions for Libraries and Archives’.

                WIPO: Great progress at library and archive days

                24 November 2011

                  Three additional working days of WIPO’s Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR) ended yesterday in Geneva with great progress made regarding copyright limitations and exceptions for libraries and archives. Delegates from WIPO’s Member States discussed the issues facing for libraries and archives. During the discussions ten work ‘clusters’ had been identified by member states.