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A Look Ahead to the 2020 Internet Governance Forum

2 November 2020

    Between 2 and 17 November, the first fully-virtual Internet Governance Forum will bring together stakeholders from around the globe. IFLA continues to engage – and encourages libraries to take part in – discussions on how the internet works and should be governed in many areas that impact the library field. From digital inclusion to privacy, access to content, accessibility, digital skills and beyond – there are many relevant discussions worth engaging in.

    Libraries in Belgium Promoting and Protecting Human Rights

    23 October 2020

      Over the past months, IFLA, FAIFE and our partners in different countries around the world have prepared a series of submissions to the Universal Periodic Review processes organised by the Human Rights Council. This month, we had an opportunity to take an in-depth look at how libraries in Belgium help deliver on the human rights of the communities they serve.

      Every Community Connected: A Call to Action, a Pledge to Engage

      16 October 2020

        IFLA is proud to sign up to two documents addressing a key issue of our time – the digital divide. The first calls on governments to act to support investment in wider connectivity and the libraries that help users make the most of it. The second represents a pledge to do all in our power to promote digital inclusion, and is open to wider signatures.

        Libraries and Children’s Right to Privacy: IFLA Submits Comments to OHCHR Call for Inputs

        1 October 2020

          Libraries have a traditional and longstanding commitment to defending the privacy of their users. As institutions that come into contact with children and teens’ data in the course of their everyday work, libraries have developed good practices on how to keep this data private and confidential – and to help their young audiences develop the skills to stay safe and maintain their privacy online.

          Libraries and Women’s Rights to Sexual and Reproductive Health: Building Awareness, Providing Access to Information and Knowledge

          3 September 2020

            IFLA has submitted a response to the Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights call for inputs on women and girls’ sexual and reproductive rights. Libraries around the world are working to raise awareness and knowledge about women’s SRHR, helping deliver on their fundamental rights to health and access to information.

            A New Model for Digital Inclusion: An Interview with Helsingborg City Libraries

            7 May 2020

              The long-standing mission of libraries to promote equitable access to information often leads them to get involved in digital inclusion efforts. We talked to Catharina Isberg, IFLA Governing Board Member and Library Director, Helsingborg City Libraries and Eva Hveem, Librarian, to find out about their experience of working with a European Union programme on the subject.

              Now available: Community Networks – A Briefing for Libraries

              2 April 2020

                Ensuring equitable access to information and knowledge lies at the heart of the library mission. As part of this goal, many libraries offer public internet access and workstations. And yet, there are still areas where many people do not have an opportunity to get online. Community networks - local community-led initiatives to build and maintain a telecommunications infrastructure – are emerging as an alternative model to help connect the unconnected. How do such Community Network projects relate to libraries’ mission, what can libraries do to support these initiatives?

                Libraries Help Deliver on Human Rights in Australia, Georgia and Myanmar

                18 March 2020

                  In cooperation with our partners in Australia, Georgia and Myanmar, IFLA prepared stakeholder inputs for the Universal Periodic Review in these countries. The three submissions explore libraries’ contribution to promoting and protecting human rights – from the rights to information, education and culture, to the rights and empowerment of vulnerable populations, and beyond.

                  International Women’s Day 2020: How Libraries Help Deliver on Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women

                  9 March 2020

                    2020 marks 25 years since UN Member States and international society committed to the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action - an ambitious roadmap towards gender equality. A new IFLA study looks at how far governments have, in their implementation efforts, sought to draw on libraries and address questions where information plays a role.

                    Getting ready for the 2020 International Women’s Day: an Advocacy Kit for Libraries

                    12 February 2020

                      International Women’s Day - 8 March - is drawing near, and this year’s celebrations will hold special significance in light of the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action. For libraries, this is an opportunity to join in the global discussion, celebrate the achievements, reflect on lessons learned and chart future action towards gender equality.

                      Libraries for a Better Internet: Safer Internet Day 2020

                      10 February 2020

                        Libraries work to protect the online safety and wellbeing of their patrons and communities by promoting digital literacy and offering inclusive ICT skills training and assistance. On Safer Internet Day 2020, libraries in many countries are joining the campaign to raise awareness and help children and young people develop the skills for safe and responsible Internet use.

                        Now available: Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action - Briefing for Libraries

                        21 January 2020

                          The 1995 Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action set out an ambitious UN agenda to advance women’s empowerment and gender equality. 2020 marks their 25th anniversary, and a large-scale review has been launched to assess the progress made towards implementing the Declaration and the Platform. This review process offers libraries an opportunity to reflect on how their work can help advance gender equality and take further action. This briefing examines the role that access to information, knowledge and lifelong learning play in the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action; as well as library activities and initiatives noted in national reports prepared as part of the Beijing+25 review.