The IFLA Standing Committee on Management and Marketing is seeking a corporate sponsor for the IFLA International Marketing Award for the period 2016-2018 at a cost of 7500€ per year for three years.

The sponsorship of the IFLA International Marketing Award has a major impact on the transformation of libraries through successful marketing. With more than 30 submissions in 2014 from more than 15 counties, the award has a truly international profile.

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In recognition of the key role of played by the sponsor of this award, we would name the award: [Your Company Name] IFLA International Marketing Award.

Your sponsorship would be recognized in many ways:

  1. The winners and runners-up are spotlighted and encouraged to continue their marketing efforts. They are highlighted in the Committee’s program sessions (which usually draw 150-200 participants) and workshops with appropriate sponsorship recognition.
  2. The quality, number and source of international applications l continues to grow and come from many types of libraries in a broad spectrum of countries, with many more [Your Company Name] IFLA International Marketing Award submissions from developing countries, including those in Africa.
  3. The application form and all publicity will recognize your sponsorship. Joint press releases will announce the award and later, the winners.
  4. Your Company, as the Award sponsor, will be showcased on the awards website, at sessions that highlight winners and runners-up, and at the awards ceremony where a representative of your company will present the award to the winners with usage of your logo to highlight your company’s key contribution
  5. You will have access to the ‘top 10’ submissions allowing your company to consider other possible marketing initiatives around your support of the Award. You might wish to showcase the top three submissions on your website and/or at your IFLA booth or at other conferences.
  6. The Committee is in the process of requesting IFLA project funds to do a long-term assessment of the impact of the award, the results of which will be shared with the sponsor
  7. This award is a model for other IFLA awards—which are proliferating 


The IFLA International Marketing Award has been in place for 12 years, since 2002. The objectives of the Award are to:

  • Recognize and reward the best library marketing projects worldwide each year; 
  • Encourage marketing in libraries; 
  • Give libraries the opportunity to share marketing guidelines and experiences; Showcase the Award Sponsor.

With more than 30 submissions from 15 counties and from all different types of libraries, the IFLA International Marketing Award has an ever increasing profile. In 2014, the winner was the Jiří Mahen Library (Brno, Czech Republic) for their Tram to the Library campaign. 

Jiří Mahen Library in Brno – Library in the Tram – Tram to the Library

Second place went to the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region Health Sciences Library, (Saskatchewan, Canada) for their campaign: Standby…Action! Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region’s Experience Using Commercials to Market the Hospital Library 

And third place was tied between:

Stellenbosch University Library and Information Service (South Africa)Library Research Week

And the National Library Board, Singapore – S.U.R.E – Promoting Information Literacy Awareness to Singaporeans

The 2014 Awards highlight the universal appeal of the award in its winners, located on four different continents and from four different types of libraries: public, medical, university and national!

More than 5000 views for our story on Storify to promote winners!


The sponsorship of the [Company name] IFLA International Marketing Award would be as follows:

  • First Place: 2000€ plus registration, travel and per diem to attend IFLA conference
  • Second Place: 1000€ plus registration, travel and per diem to attend IFLA conference
  • Third Place: 500€
  • Total Cash Awards Annually 3500€
  • Registration/travel/per diem for two winners 4000€ *
  • Annual cost 7500€

*Travel costs for the winners would vary, but are expected to average 2000€ per winner. Sponsors may arrange travel/per diem reimbursement directly with awardees.

Interested? Please contact us!

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