In particular, we show filmstrips to children as part of our entertaining and learning activities Miracles of FairytalesMeetings for children from age 4 to 8 last 50 minutes each and take place four times a month.

At the meetings children train their main soft skills: memory, attention, develop imagination and communication skills, independence and creative thinking.

This short video about the program at RSLYA is a good example for spreading an inspiring idea throughout the library field. Do you have an idea you want to share with your colleagues around the world? Here is your chance!

If you want to join the Best Practices Project of the IFLA Section Libraries for Children and Young Adults, please meet the following conditions:

  1. Make your own video for the project about one interesting program of your library aimed at children and/or young adults.
  2. The video must be about 3-5 minutes. But not longer than 5 minutes!
  3. The language for all videos is English. Don’t worry if English is not your first language – watch the other videos on our channel!
  4. The video must start with a logo screen. You can download it here.
  5. Please send a link to the video via this form.