Financial support for IFLA Professional Activities:

The Professional Committee manages an annual budget for supporting the activities of the IFLA Professional Units (Divisions, Sections, and Special Interest Groups). It is divided into two parts: Administrative Funds and Project Funds.

Administrative Funds are allocated at the beginning of the year to the IFLA Sections and are intended to help with the administration of the Section’s activities. The Special Interest Groups work with their sponsoring Section if Administrative Funds are needed for their activities. Amounts, along with guidelines and policy on what can be claimed, are decided by the Professional Committee. The information on finances in the Officers Corner is updated to reflect the latest policy.

Project Funds are allocated by the Professional Committee upon approval of specific proposals made by the professional units. See the page on professional projects for full details and further information.

Instructions and deadlines concerning Administrative and Project Funds are updated annually; practical information on requesting funds and making claims is found in the Officers Corner Finances section.