Statements at the WIPO Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights [2008-present]

At the WIPO Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights, IFLA advocates for an updated framework on copyright limitations and exceptions for libraries. All statements made by IFLA representatives at the SCCR you may find here.

Statement of Principles on Copyright Exceptions and Limitations for Libraries and Archives [2009]

IFLA, Electronic Information for Libraries, intellectual property specialists, the World Blind Union and other civil society NGOs developed principles to be considered in the formulation of copyright limitations and exceptions for libraries in national copyright laws. The principles enable libraries to fulfill their public mandate to support the advancement of knowledge and the public interest in the global digital environment.

Limitations and Exceptions to Copyright and Neighbouring Rights in the Digital Environment: An International Library Perspective [2004]

Libraries are major purchasers of information in print and digital formats and wish to ensure lawful, equitable access to knowledge contained in such works. IFLA believes that the economic rights of information providers must be balanced with society’s need to gain access to knowledge. Libraries play a pivotal role in this balance.