The effect of new technologies on library design: building the 21st century library

Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Technology provides a tool for the delivery of library service. Technology also shapes and limits how service can be delivered. The effective library building supports changing service patterns, changing modes of service delivery, and changing technological applications.

Session 1 – Impact of advances in technology on library operations and patron use and what that means for the library building

  • Jeffrey Hoover, Not Your Dream Library – The One After That: Text  Presentation
  • Sharon Bostick and Robert A. Simmons, Libraries are still the heart of the university with the help of a robot: Presentation
  • Tom Pinkin, Integrating automation plans into facilities planning: Presentation

Session 2 – How shifting user expectations affects the building response

  • Janine Schmidt, Accommodating Shifting User Expectations: Text  Presentation
  • Vicki McDonald, Creating the 21st Century Learning Environment: Text
  • Corey Sue, From Basement to Garden Level: A Technology-Driven Renovation: Presentation
  • Reinhard Altenhoener, Learning and working environments – what students expect: Text  Presentation

Session 3 – Beyond technology: additional changes in service patterns that affect facilities requirements

  • Jeffrey Scherer, The 21st Century Library Building – Adjust or Wither: Text
  • Janet Fletcher, Breaking Down the Barriers – the No-Desk Academic Library: Text  Presentation
  • Randy J. Olsen, Two Paths to Preservation: Taking Them Both: Presentation


Session 4 – a new library for the 21st century library / case studies from Library Journal’s New Landmark Libraries