This document reports progress and results of our projects/activities.  Please also consult our news page and social media channels for ongoing items of interest. Do please contact members of the Standing Committee for questions about this Action Plan, project/activity and also for collaborations.


Objective 1

Capacity Building


  • Publish a Wikipedia article on AVMS
  • Develop working and cooperative relationships
  • Hold midterm meetings to focus on ongoing activities, including preparations for the Annual Congresses
  • Recruitment of new members
  • Add additional information on AVMS SC members and their work

Objective 2

Knowledge and Information


  • Revise Guidelines on AVMS
  • Turn Guidelines into IFLA Standards
  • Webinar on the production of videos
  • Toolkit for making short videos
  • Project Recommendations  RDA for AVMS
  • Curation of  external sources on AVMS Website

Objective 3

Cultural Heritage


  • Share member and country AVM projects on cultural heritage for AVMS
  • Legal deposit survey in cooperation with IASA

Objective 4

Libraries in Society


  • Conduct Open Session 2018 on Video Games
  • Participation in Video Competition of Metropol. – Libraries
  • Theme for Open Session 2019