Our Action Plan outlines the key objectives for our Section in the upcoming year. Take a look at our News feed to read updates on our progress.

A report on these activities will be made available in the 2017 – 2018 Annual Report.

If you have questions about our work, suggestions about what you would like us to work on, or you would like to help us, please contact one of the members of the Standing Committee.

Objective 1

Promote the importance of marketing for libraries and present model programs to help librarians understand how to do it.

  • This relates to the Key Initiative Capacity Building, stimulating libraries to consider marketing as an important function and providing models through the awards program which recognizes and promotes successful programs.  We consider “Capacity Building” to include improving library functions and enhancing staff perspectives and skills that will result in better functioning libraries and strengthening their role in their communities.

Objective 2

Administer the International Market Award for 2018 and evaluate its long-term success.

  • Depending on results, the evaluation will show whether the marketing award has had a long-term impact on awardees and will show whether libraries are truly developing long-term capacities

Objective 3

General networking, informing the IFLA network about professional issues not mentioned in Kis, sharing best practice.

  • This relates to capacity building by holding satellite meetings and open sessions at congresses to share information about management issues and marketing practices.

Objective 4

Keep up committee momentum and promote M&M with local librarians at Midterm meeting.

  • This not only improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the committee work, but provides an opportunity to network with librarians in local communities who may not be able to attend IFLA meetings.

Objective 5

Develop a communications plan to better inform all section members and to increase section membership.

  • Providing more effective communication with section members and attracting new members will enlarge the general understanding of management and marketing issues.