IFLA’s Local History and Genealogy Section is pleased to welcome six new colleagues to our Standing Committee. These members were recently elected in the latest round of IFLA elections.

The following members are listed below with a link to their candidacy statements, so that you can get to know the members and their interests.

  1. Hongyan Chen, Director of the Ancient Books Library, National Library of China, China
  2. Michell Hackwelder, Interpretation Unit Head, Education & Outreach Dept., Education & Outreach Department E, Department of Culture and Tourism, United Arab Emirates
  3. Laila Moustafa, Associate Professor and Librarian, University of Illinois, United States 
  4. Takashi Nagatsuka, Professor Emeritus, Tsurumi University, Japan
  5. Wei Peng, Executive Supervisor, The Library Association of the Republic of China (Taiwan), China
  6. Sha Qingqing, Deputy Director of the Historical Documentation Center, Shanghai Library (Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of Shanghai), China

Please join us in welcoming our new members.