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February 2024
01 Февраль

February 2024 Professional Council Meeting

Location: Virtual

IFLA’s Professional Council (PC) is responsible for the guidance of the Professional Structure, as set out in IFLA’s Statutes. The Council supports the work of the IFLA Professional Units and their Officers, including publications and guidelines, and the development of toolkits, policy and initiatives. The PC liaises with the Regional Council in areas of mutual interest and identifies opportunities for collaboration. The Council also establishes procedures for organising the professional content of IFLA’s Congress programme (WLIC), including satellite conferences.

From: Professional Council
02 Февраль
06 Февраль

IFLA PRESCONS & RBSC Webinar: In the Event of a Disaster: Floods

Location: Online

The seminar is intended for all library employees and other institutions preserving written cultural heritage, including librarians, archivists, museum professionals, conservators, and anyone interested in gaining knowledge on how to handle flood situations.

From: Preservation and Conservation Section

February Europe Regional Division Committee Meeting

Location: Virtual

Europe Regional Division Committee focuses strongly on advocacy, identifying priorities for the region, and defining and delivering on action plans that respond to these. This includes work to build capacity, communicate about IFLA’s work and offer, extend IFLA’s membership and reach, and strengthen the voice of libraries.

From: Europe Regional Division
11 Февраль
12 Февраль
12 Февраль
15 Февраль

February 2024 IFLA Governing Board meeting

Location: Online

IFLA’s Governing Board (GB) is responsible for the management of the Federation, as set out in IFLA’s Statutes. The GB meets at least three times a year, and is advised by the Professional Council, the Regional Council, and five Advisory Committees.

From: Governing Board
20 Февраль
22 Февраль
24 Февраль
27 Февраль

Relationships, Not Just Technologies: Why Connections Matter for Global Resource Sharing

Location: Virtual (Zoom)

The IFLA DDRS Webinar Series invites you to explore the human side of interlibrary loan in an upcoming English-language webinar. Join Peter Bae and Ibrahim Farah as they emphasize the importance of building connections and fostering understanding in library resource sharing. Through practical insights and real-life examples, they demonstrate how prioritizing meaningful relationships can enhance professional growth and amplify the impact of library services. Discover how communication, empathy, and goodwill can revolutionize your professional relationships and elevate resource sharing in libraries.

From: Document Delivery and Resource Sharing Section
29 Февраль