Empty manuscript boxes at IHERI-AB, Timbuktu (2013)


Libraries play a vital role in safeguarding cultural heritage, ensuring it continues to inform and inspire people for generations to come. IFLA  works both within our organisation and with partners to help protect documentary cultural heritage and the institutions that provide access to it. 

The IFLA Risk Register

IFLA’s confidential register helps secure the safety of the world’s documentary heritage. 

IFLA and the Blue Shield

Learn about how IFLA works with partners to help safeguard heritage. 

IFLA Principles of Engagement

These principles provide guidance on how to monitor areas at risk, advocate for, and raise awareness about disaster prevention. 

Theft and Illicit Trafficking 

Find out more about IFLA’s work combatting the illicit trafficking of documentary heritage. 


Read more on IFLA’s involvement in emergency situations.