One of IFLA’s most valuable assets are the members of the library field who volunteer their time and expertise in Sections, committees, and other groups.


A wide variety of IFLA committees touch on questions related to culture, through their focus on specific services, user groups, collections or other issues. Key examples include:

Cultural heritage

The Advisory Committee on Cultural Heritage brings together both directly appointed experts and representatives of key IFLA Professional Units to support the Federation’s work.

Preservation and Conservation Section

This Section provides an international forum for all types of libraries to exchange, develop, and share knowledge and experience dealing with theories, policies, and practices for the preservation of cultural heritage.

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Subject-Specific Sections

These Sections allow experts in various areas of cultural heritage librarianship to take a deeper dive into their subjects, share knowledge, exchange information, and work on collaborative initiatives.

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Preservation and Conservation (PAC) Centres

IFLA’s PAC Centres complement the global work of IFLA’s Professional Units by carrying out independent projects that tackle regionally specific issues and building local capacity, while exchanging knowledge across their network and beyond.

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